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A Note from Gretchen I’ve walked through the valley of burnout and thought my purpose would never reignite.  I’ve trudged through the darkness of depression and thought my joy would never return.  I’ve wrestled with unrelenting anxiety and thought I would never be able to walk in obedience to God’s calling again. But recently, God […]

A NOTE FROM MAGGIE Many of the gifts of this world are easy to enjoy on first taste. We don’t have to work at delighting in a baby’s giggle or a warm, gooey brownie. Other gifts require work and knowledge to delight in. Not all of us want to make the effort to enjoy the […]

A NOTE FROM GRETCHEN The LORD is my Shepherd, I lack no good thing. In the morning, in the evening, in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the day, he is with me, even when I don’t feel his presence. He makes me lie down in green pastures, even when I […]

A Note from Lauren Picture the perfect first morning of a beach vacation: a restful yawn before the dawn, a Bible open for meditation, eyes scanning the horizon for the rising of the sun. But the baby starts crying at 5:00 am, and the big kids join the chorus shortly after. The husband sets them […]

A NOTE FROM GRETCHEN I don’t want to just own a Bible; I want to know my Bible. I don’t want to just read my Bible every so often; I want to study my Bible and to live out what Scripture teaches. God’s Word is not meant to sit on a shelf and collect dust; […]

A Note from Gretchen Every day we make plans and fill our agendas with meetings, projects, and things that need to get done, but life rarely goes according to plan. What if we gave the Holy Spirit our planners each day and welcomed him into the planning, the scheduling, and the changes?  God is in […]

A NOTE FROM GRETCHEN Idol worship creeps into our hearts quickly. The phones we believe we must have by our sides at all times, the profiles we strive to build and maintain, the portfolios we work tirelessly to improve, the people we think we must know and be loved by in order to be important—all […]

A NOTE FROM GRETCHEN We meet under towering oak trees, blankets sprawled across the grass, babies babbling, and toddlers playing in the sandbox nearby. I’m makeup-free with a hat on to hide my unkempt hair, and there’s a good chance I ran out of time to brush my teeth as I scrambled to make it […]

A Note from Rachael I’ve often heard the advice, “Don’t prepare for seasons you aren’t in.” Essentially people were encouraging me not to borrow tomorrow’s trouble when the worries of today often already felt like too much for me to hold. But why not take note of truths in Scripture as we come upon them, […]

A Note from Gretchen A red bird flitters to the barren branch outside my kitchen window, and snapshots from a long-ago memory rush through my mind like the credits to a movie—my college dorm room, the ugly AC unit outside my fourth-story window, tears streaming down my face. It’s not a pretty memory, but it’s […]


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