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In an often thankless role like motherhood, we often carry the weight of year-round hard work and sacrifice. So as the month of May approaches, Mother’s Day is a shining beacon. It feels like a point of light shining hope into a land of monotony and overwhelm. It whispers of the possibility of a day […]

Motherhood isn’t what I expected. Don’t get me wrong—I love being a mom. Motherhood is a joy and privilege I prayed and hoped for.  To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what I did expect. Possibly a newborn who would be lulled to sleep by rocking or singing. Maybe routine check-ups and overall good health. […]

When I tell my oldest son that I love him, he often responds, “I love you more!” But I know there’s no possible way he could love me more. I am the parent; he is the child. The love between us originated with me before he even had the ability to love. One day, Lord […]

[Editor’s Note: For a resource that helps your child learn to turn to and trust God when they’re afraid, check out the newly-released Unshaken Courage Cards for Kids. Designed for kids of all ages, these are a means to encourage the fearful hearts of children in your life with the unshakable truth of God’s Word. […]

What will they Remember? There’s something in us, as parents, that feels like we need to make fall magical. The apple cider. The pumpkin patch. The hot cocoa bars. Do you ever find yourself wishing you were that mom with the peppermint stir sticks for the hot cocoa or the caramel syrup for the apple […]

Facing Motherhood I remember facing motherhood not knowing how to be the mother I wanted to be. When I became a mom, I desired to make a home that makes disciples. But I was overwhelmed by what I didn’t know. My own mother grew up in church. But she mothered me more motivated by legalism […]

Preparing for Motherhood “Antenatal what?” I scratched my head, trying to make sense of my therapist’s words. “Antenatal depression.” She continued. “It’s depression that some moms experience before the baby comes.” I let her words sink in. And after a quiet moment, nodded my head in agreement. “I think that sounds about right.” The name […]

When my son was only a few weeks old, I remember battling in my foggy postpartum mom mind (and also out loud with my husband) about whether or not it was a good thing for him to go to bed with the pacifier. What if he became too dependent on it? What if he never […]

Editor’s Note: Today’s article is all about setting perfection aside to meet with Jesus. This article is adapted from the Dear Mama devotional, which features 31 devotionals written by 25 gospel-centered moms. It is full of practical wisdom and helpful instruction for seeking after Jesus as you raise young disciples. We’ve got a special sale […]

Hours before the appointment at which I was told that our baby had died in my womb, I threw up. The nausea that accompanied this pregnancy came on strongly around five weeks, and I continued to throw up for weeks after the baby had left my body. I had forged ahead through all of the […]


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