Truth for Breakfast

August 14, 2017  - By Gretchen Saffles

Eat Truth For Breakfast

The moment your alarm goes off in the morning, you start thinking and making decisions. The first one will be to actually turn the alarm off, move from your cozy covers, and plant your feet on the floor to start your day. You are constantly thinking, making decisions, and meditating on something. The wheels in your mind are continually turning, dreaming, deciding, coming up with conclusions, worrying, praising, and so on. Your mind and your thoughts direct your steps.

Therefore, what you put into your head is incredibly vital to life. Years ago, there was a commercial on TV that illustrated the saying “you are what you eat.” There were people walking around wearing a giant donut in the office to emphasize that the food we eat matters to our body. In the same way, you are what you think and what you put into your mind. Marcus Aurelius once said “Your life is what your thoughts make it.” Your thoughts produce fruit in your life; they are the seeds to your actions. Therefore, what you put into your mind has a profound impact on how you live your life. This is why meditating on Scripture and memorizing the living words of God are vital to our lives as believers.

The concept of “meditating” on the Word of God is mentioned over 20 times in Scripture. Throughout the Psalms, and especially in Psalm 119, the psalmists lovingly and passionately describe an intense yearning to meditate on Scripture. Psalm 19:7-10 also gives us an incredible glimpse into the matchless worth of the Word of God. David goes so far as saying that the Word of God is of more value than gold, a priceless possession on this earth! There are no other words that compare to the Word of God. Eat Truth for breakfast and be forever satisfied with the Bread of Life.

Respond + Reflect:

God’s Word is our road-map for life, our light in the darkness, and our forever hope. The benefits of memorizing Scripture are incomparable. Through knowing God’s Word, we know Christ more intimately. That is why we meditate and memorize! How can you incorporate meditating on and memorizing God's Word into your daily routine? Some additional tips have been listed below!

additional tips: 

  • write Scripture
  • bring it with you as you run errands
  • say it out loud...really. say it when you are driving, in the shower, getting ready, and when your heart starts to be overcome with fear or worry. saying it out loud has POWER because God's Word holds power to defeat darkness.
  • listen to a recording of the verses you are memorizing
  • memorize as you exercise
  • place it on your mirror
  • have accountability
  • set aside time to think on God's Word

Take time to pause, pray, and praise the Lord for His character that never changes and His Word that fully satisfies our hungry souls. Meditate on the character of God. Write or draw Psalm 19:14 in your journal.

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  1. Kisha Jones says:

    Thank you. I like the idea of saying scripture out loud while getting ready or doing other things!

  2. Mary Witter says:

    so encouraging , so uplifting …Thank You for this word and this Site ….I already feel more watered ….God Bless …

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