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It’s Christmas morning in the early 2000s. Rainbow lights tucked between evergreen branches twinkle above me. Shredded gift wrap litters the floor like candy wrappers. Steven Curtis Chapman sings softly from our CD player. Out of nowhere, it strikes. A painful ping in my chest accompanied by an unwelcome thought. This will be over soon. […]

I always love Christmas. My wonder for the season thrills at the thought of twinkle lights, evergreen wreaths, hot cocoa, and the beauty of the nativity story. But December 2013 was particularly special—I was expecting my second baby, a girl. Her due date? Christmas Eve. I imagined a Hallmark ending to a Christmas pregnancy. I […]

If you pay attention to enough stories, you’ll soon recognize that most of them are based on the oldest and best story of all. They tell us that the world is broken, people aren’t doing well, and they desperately need something or someone to fix their circumstances or save them. In the end, the hero […]

The conversation grew louder and louder as family members gathered. With every word stated, every bottle opened, and every argument begun, my heart ached more and more. Christmas was here again, and I knew the days ahead would not all be filled with joy and gladness.  I know that difficult family dynamics may come to […]

She awakes to a tiny wail. Disoriented, she makes her way to the nursery for the third time that night. After another sleepy feeding, she hears her other children begin to chatter in their rooms. They’ll want breakfast soon. Sipping her coffee in hopes it will wake her body and mind, she scrambles the last […]

I didn’t go to church often as a child. And when I did, I was embarrassed about my lack of knowledge. I recall one occasion when a woman asked all the children to recite a Bible verse. Most of them said, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). I listened hard as they rattled it off, one after […]

I’m sprawled out on the floor beneath the Christmas tree. My hands are gripping the tree’s trunk, and if I move at all, our precious evergreen will fall completely over. Sappy water will stain the carpet, and every delicate ornament will break into a thousand pieces. Tears are streaming down my face and I’m trying […]

No one would ever call me an optimist, yet some part of me has always believed that things would work out for my good. I grew up in a Christian home, and the church culture of the ’90s fed me a lie that I consumed and digested wholeheartedly: if I just followed Jesus, my life […]

The bedroom doors of our farmhouse were fitted with vintage metal locks. Although they looked charming, they were a nuisance because you could lock and unlock the door from the inside of each room, but the only way to unlock the door from the outside was to put your hip into it. I mean really […]

[Editor’s Note: Today’s article is an excerpt adapted from this year’s Advent study, Fulfilled. We pray that as you reflect on Jesus as the fulfillment of all God’s plans and promises and the satisfier of the deepest longings of your soul, your heart would be stirred to worship him.] I’ve always found the wise men […]


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