Advent 2023: The Savior’s Story

October 2, 2023  - By Well-Watered Women


If you pay attention to enough stories, you'll soon recognize that most of them are based on the oldest and best story of all. They tell us that the world is broken, people aren't doing well, and they desperately need something or someone to fix their circumstances or save them. In the end, the hero defeats the villain and all is right in the world, and everyone lives happily ever after. 

This is the story that we are living in. The whole world is broken, and there’s only one seemingly impossible solution, but this requires more than an imperfect hero—it requires a perfect Savior. And at Christmas, this is the story we tell over and over again.

The Bible is God’s story, yet God—in his grace—includes people in his story. If you are in Christ, you are part of the greatest story ever told. God has already authored your story, and he has a plan to work your circumstances for your good and his glory this Advent season and throughout your entire life. This December, prioritize learning about your Savior through glimpses of his story with our 2023 Advent Bible study, The Savior's Story. May every story help you know him more, love him more, and trust him more.

For God's glory,

Content Director and Coauthor of The Savior's Story

P.S. The Savior’s Story is available in the Well-Watered Co. TODAY, and you can save 15% on the study when you bundle! Find answers to all questions about the new Advent Collection below!


What is The Savior’s Story about?

This Advent Bible study digs into the stories of some of the people listed in the genealogy of Jesus Christ in Matthew 1. Each story demonstrates how God’s power transforms lives and works despite people’s failures and limitations. Through these stories, you will better understand the character of your Savior, which will equip you to trust him with your own story.


How long is The Savior’s Story and how is it formatted?

The Savior’s Story is a four-week Advent Bible study. It includes:

  • In-depth Bible study from December 3–December 31
  • Daily study questions that will be clearest using the ESV Bible translation
  • A genealogy timeline to fill in as you study the genealogy of Jesus Christ in Matthew 1
  • Her Story for God’s Glory testimonials written by Well-Watered Women team members to reflect on over the weekends
  • A 2023 Your Story Inventory to help you reflect on your story as part of God’s greater story


Can I do the study with a group?

Yes! We love when women walk through our Bible studies together within their local context. Gather a group of friends to study The Savior’s Story together and meet weekly to discuss what you’re learning. Or even study with long-distance friends by committing to check in a few times throughout the season to share what stood out to you and how you see God working in your story today. We won’t be going through the Advent study in our Facebook Community Group this year.


What other resources are in the Advent Collection?

In addition to The Savior’s Story, the collection includes The Savior’s Story Advent Cards, Well-Watered Kids The Savior’s Story Advent Cards, a Your Story for God’s Glory Pen, and our Advent Bundle and Advent Family Bundle (both featuring an exclusive, hand-poured candle by Poiema Home Co and a My Soul Magnifies the Lord Mug!). Save 15% when you bundle!


What’s in the Advent Bundle and Advent Family Bundle?

The Advent Bundle includes The Savior’s Story, The Savior’s Story Advent Cards, a Your Story for God’s Glory Pen, an exclusive Poiema Home Co candle, and a My Soul Magnifies the Lord Mug. The Advent Family Bundle includes all of these items plus the Well-Watered Kids The Savior’s Story Advent Cards. There is a limited amount of bundles available and they will sell out, so order yours today!


What are The Savior’s Story Advent Cards?

There are 26 calendar cards in this set—one for each day of study in The Savior’s Story. The front of each card beautifully displays a name or role of Jesus in our stories. The back includes key reminders about what you’re learning in Bible study that day. The weekend cards feature Scripture and reflection questions to consider how God is at work in your story.


How do I use the Well-Watered Kids The Savior’s Story Advent Cards?

Commit to five minutes each day of pointing your kids to Jesus this Advent by studying some of the people in Jesus’s family tree! Simply choose the card with the correct date, read the Scripture, and answer the discussion questions together. The cards are simplified content from the women's Advent Bible study so you can teach your kids from the overflow of what you're learning. The Well-Watered Kids Advent Cards include:

  • One card per weekday of Advent from December 3–31
  • Short but theologically-rich content that engages your elementary-age kids with God's Word
  • A daily question that rotates between comprehension, interpretation, and application to help teach your kids how to think about the Bible
  • An interactive genealogy timeline—build the timeline like a puzzle every day or tape each finished card to your wall to build it over the course of Advent
  • A FREE parent guide download with tips for using the cards and optional fun activities
Advent Pickups-4
Advent Pickups-2

Can I purchase the candle or mug separately from the bundles?

No. Due to limited quantities, the candle and mug are only available in the Advent Bundle and Advent Family Bundle. Order your bundle right away to save 15% and get your candle and mug before the bundles sell out!


Do you offer bulk discounts for groups?

We do! If you’re interested in ordering studies for a group of five or more, please email us at for special pricing. 


Do you ship internationally?

We do! However, we cannot guarantee that international orders will arrive in time for the beginning of the Advent season. Therefore, ordering right away is the best option for our international customers.


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