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[Editor’s Note: Today’s article is an excerpt from this year’s Advent study, Fulfilled. We pray that as you reflect on Jesus’ role as our perfect servant King come to rule with wisdom and justice, your heart would be stirred to worship him.] I’m Not Your Servant I’m not your servant. Most of us have let […]

[Editor’s Note: Today’s article is an excerpt adapted from this year’s Advent study, Fulfilled. We pray that as you reflect on the gift of Jesus, prepared and given by our heavenly Father, your heart would be stirred to worship him.] I don’t like to leave things undone until the last minute. In fact, Gretchen would […]

Fulfilled: Our 2021 Advent Collection I associate Christmastime with being full. This season lends itself to good food and even better treats. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of leaning back from a special meal and loosening my belt a notch or two, then finding the nearest couch for a deliciously contented nap. Yet, Advent tends […]

Savoring the I AM at Christmas Christmas is only a few days away, with its celebration of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger. We rejoice as we remember who he is and all that he has done for us. The first chapter of John tells us of a Savior who came […]

Savoring Christ this Christmas I had never baked a Christmas cookie beside a gingerbread man before I met the woman who would one day become my mother-in-law. My family had its own traditions—expansive homemade gingerbread houses and chocolate truffles—so Christmas cookies seemed a bit superfluous. I had experienced nearly eighteen years of my life before […]

Savory Recipes and Savoring Christ One of our family favorite recipes is our holiday bread. We call it pull-apart bread, and it’s just frozen bread dough thawed slightly, sliced, dipped in butter, and then baked according to package instructions. My mom makes five or six loaves for every holiday, and it’s a favorite for young […]

The Meaning of Advent Advent is a Latin word that means “coming.” There are two Advents in Scripture. The first Advent was the incarnation of Christ, and the second Advent refers to the future event of Christ’s return to defeat Satan forever and restore God’s kingdom.  As Christians, we base our entire lives upon the […]

Savor the Savior this Advent The final months of the year are highlighted by wonderful things to engage the senses. The first hints of fall usher in spiced beverages, pumpkin baked goods, scarves and sweaters, the crunch of leaves, and long-awaited cool breezes. Then winter brings peppermint and eggnog and cocoa, sipped slowly. Fires blaze […]

Merry Christmas—the day of rejoicing is here!  Hallelujah, Christ has come; Christ died and rose; Christ is coming again!  Jesus’ birth was just the beginning of Christ’s work as the Lamb of God. In the Jewish sacrificial system, every single lamb ever slain on the altar of sacrifice remained dead. No lamb returned to life. […]

End of Year Traditions These final weeks of the year, many people pack suitcases or put clean sheets on the guest bed to prepare to spend the holidays with family. Sometimes I am one of those people. I have crammed onto overbooked flights with my husband and kids to spend Christmas with dear ones across […]


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