Our August Coffee Date

August 25, 2023  - By Well-Watered Women

Well-Watered Women Coffee Date


The LORD is my Shepherd, I lack no good thing. In the morning, in the evening, in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the day, he is with me, even when I don’t feel his presence.

He makes me lie down in green pastures, even when I don’t want to stop and rest. He knows what’s best when I think I know better. He invites me to embrace my limits and be sheltered by his tender care. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.

He leads me in paths of righteousness, toward the way of the eternal kingdom—all for his name's sake. Everything my Shepherd does is according to his name. He never contradicts himself, and he is always good. As I walk these paths, shadows come that threaten my peace and my joy. They are terrifying in the moment, but a shadow cannot hurt me when I’m covered by God’s grace.

So I won’t fear evil because my Shepherd is with me. He comforts, corrects, and restores me with his rod and his staff. The truest feast is found in his presence. His Word nourishes my soul.

Surely his goodness and his mercy will accompany me on this journey, every day, every moment. One day I will dwell with him in the new heaven and new earth forever, where there are no more dark shadows, no more pain, no more fear.

Until then, I’ll walk with my Shepherd, be led by my Shepherd, and call out to my Shepherd who became like me, a sheep, and is the Lamb who was slain for my redemption. There’s no greater love than my Shepherd’s love and no greater sacrifice than his.

Yes, the LORD is my Shepherd. I lack no good thing, because I have everything I need in him. 

Clinging to Psalm 23,


P.S. Study the Good Shepherd in our new Bible study, Micah: Hear and Hope in God’s Word



It is not for the flock of sheep to know the pasture the Shepherd has in mind. It is for them simply to follow Him. —Elisabeth Elliot in A Lamp Unto My Feet



Podcasts, Bible teaching, and worship songs we’re loving lately

Everywhere the River Goes, album by Nathan Nockels

Hymns of Worship, Vol. 1, album by Hymns on Piano

Earlier this year, I was challenged by the book Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney to develop a habit of praying the Psalms. Since then, I’ve been reading books and listening to sermons and teachings on the Psalms. Timothy Keller’s sermon Discovering How to Pray: Prayer in the Psalms deepened my desire to be a woman who faithfully prays God’s Word. —Gretchen, Founder 


Read-A-Mentor Recommendations

Books, articles, and emails we’re loving lately

Russ Ramsey’s book Rembrandt Is in the Wind traces the stories of nine artists, including their histories, ambitions, faith, and work. Ramsey invites you into the inner world of the artists and their faith, visible in their sculptures and paintings. His insightful storytelling and the images included in the book linger with me still, kindling a longing to portray my faith in Christ through hallowed words, sacred and beautiful, and to pursue other forms of art to enrich this life God has given me. —Lauren, Theology Editor


A Resource We Recommend

Journaling our prayers keeps us focused and creates a record of how God is working. When we can physically see that God is working (even if it’s not how we expected), we’re motivated to keep praying. Val Marie Paper’s prayer journals are the perfect resource for creating a consistent and vibrant prayer life.



Go deeper in God’s Word as you study the concept of the kingdom of God across all of Scripture in Crown Him King. Like an unbreakable chain, this framework helps us understand who God is, who we are, and what his eternal purposes are as revealed to us in both the Old and New Testaments.


*We love sharing resource recommendations with you! However, when we recommend a resource, please keep in mind that we are not endorsing people or ministries in their entirety. We do our best to recommend solid content, but the only infallible endorsement we offer is of the Word of God!

*This article contains affiliate links.

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