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My toddler danced around me with energy that far exceeded my own. I sat perfectly still on the couch while watching him and willing myself not to throw up. The baby nestled in my womb brought deep joy, but at the same time, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and a POTS diagnosis left me completely depleted. Simple […]

I had high hopes for my newly planted garden—that is, until my neighbor’s tree fell and crushed it the very next day. It was my first attempt of many to plant a garden this year, and by my fourth try, summer was drawing to a close. With little time left, I wondered if there was […]

“I can’t wait for this season to end,” I grumbled to my husband. I was working around the clock to make ends meet, but the budget was still tight. If only I could get a job that paid enough, then I would work cheerfully. As we drove home, one thought consumed my mind: if only […]

In Every Season The Bible is anything but boring. The first time I read through the Bible chronologically, I found myself in awe of God’s work of redemption. It strengthened my faith, sparked my passion, and stirred in me a desire to share the hope of the gospel. Reading the Bible from start to finish […]

The Importance of Doctrine Editor’s Note: This excerpt is adapted from Do You Believe? by Paul David Tripp, ©2021. Used by permission of Crossway. “Daddy, did God make telephone poles?” It seemed like one of those endless unimportant questions that, near the end of a long day, can make a parent a bit insane. We […]

Even as an adult, I love the back-to-school season. All the pretty journals, gel pens, colored highlighters, and the wonder of a new backpack fill me with expectation. As a new school year starts, I pull out my planner and begin filling it with the sense of normalcy the fall brings: carefully scheduled activities, fall […]

One day, I wake up before dawn. I start the day soaking in the Word while sipping my coffee. The next, I press snooze and get to bedtime without cracking open my Bible.  One day, I hear alarming news. I still praise God and trust him with what’s to come. The next, I find myself […]

A few weeks ago, my seven-year-old daughter turned to me during church and asked me what we were learning about God in the sermon. She was filling out the worksheet our children’s director had provided. I noticed the question on the form simply asked: What do we learn about God from this passage? So I […]

I love a good science fiction sequel. One of my favorite things about sequels is when authors write a section of the book, a new book, or even a parallel sequel from a different character’s perspective. I find these fascinating and enriching. You learn so much more about the story’s main character, his personality, how […]

When I was in middle school, my friends and I had a celebrity crush. In addition to knowing all the lyrics to his songs, we also knew his birthday, his dog’s name, and his favorite candy (or so said the magazines). I know, I know—it’s embarrassing to say now. But I’m sharing this with you […]


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