In the Word in Every Season

November 1, 2023  - By Well-Watered Women

In the Word in Every Season – an article from Well-Watered Women

The Bible is anything but boring. The first time I read through it chronologically, I found myself in awe of God’s work of redemption. It strengthened my faith, sparked my passion, and stirred in me a desire to share the hope of the gospel. 

I’ll never forget the moment I finished reading the Old Testament and began the New Testament. A heavy weight of longing and anticipation had settled on my soul as the Old Testament showed me with fresh vision that we desperately need rescue from our sin. So when I began the book of Matthew, tears streamed down my face as I read of the long-awaited birth of Jesus, our promised Savior. At the year's end, when I read the last chapters of Revelation that promise Jesus’ return and describe the eternal life we’ll have with him in God’s kingdom, I couldn’t help but praise God for his faithfulness that endures forever. Reading the Bible from start to finish demonstrates the overarching narrative, the consistency of God’s character, the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the threads of hope woven in every book.

The In Every Season Journal Set guides you through the Bible chronologically in an approachable and undated format. This journal set gives you an heirloom-quality space to record what you learn about God and the gospel as you read the Word from start to finish. 

May God open your eyes to see the threads of redemption woven together in every book of the Bible as you read the Word in every season.

Rooted in him,



Discover the consistency of God's character with the new In Every Season Journal Set. It's on sale now in the Well-Watered Co.! 

What’s included in the In Every Season Journal Set? 

  • Four hardcover journals inside a beautiful keepsake sleeve
  • 365 undated journal entries
  • A daily chronological reading plan from Genesis to Revelation
  • A section to summarize what you learned about God and the gospel in each book of the Bible
  • Helpful essays covering the Bible’s overarching redemption story, how to use each section of the journal and daily layout, the canon of Scripture divided into genres, and an overview of the daily reading plan


What is the format of the journals?

The journals walk you through a one-year chronological Bible reading plan. Each of the four volumes contains 90–92 days of journaling space. In the back of each one, there's a section to record what you learned about God and the gospel for each book of the Bible you read in that journal.


What is the daily layout like?

Each entry tells you what chapters to read and has space to fill out a condensed two-page version of the layout you’re used to using in the Give Me Jesus Journal. 

  • Date, Time, Place: Remember God’s faithfulness in every season!
  • Today I’m grateful for: Practice the spiritual discipline of giving thanks for God’s character, the work he’s doing in your life, and the gifts he’s given you.
  • Prayer prompt: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the Bible and change your heart.
  • Study the Word: Follow the chronological reading plan provided. Take notes as you read the day’s assigned passage. Pay attention to the genre and context of the book, repeated words or ideas, themes, and elements of the biblical metanarrative. Summarize main points and note questions you may have. Keep in mind that the goal of using these journals is to gain an understanding of the overarching narrative of the Bible, not to understand every detail.
  • Key Verse: Note a key verse or truth from the passage that you want to continue meditating on throughout your day to help you remember the main point.
  • Pray the Word: Respond in prayer. As women who love God and his Word, our prayers should be saturated with phrases, themes, and even exact verses from the Word.


Are the journals dated?

The journals are undated so you can begin your study anytime and read at your own pace. Know that you don’t have to complete all four journals in just one year! The point is not to finish them within a certain amount of time. Rather, it's to consistently read all of God’s Word to help you know him more. 


What else is in the In Every Season Collection?

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  1. Melissa Belgard says:

    Which reading plan does the In Every Season journal use? Our church will using George Guthrie’s: “Reading God’s Story: One Year Chronological Plan”

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