Encouragement for Christians on Halloween

October 29, 2019  - By Well-Watered Women

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Halloween and Your Heart

Halloween is an ongoing topic of discussion among Christians every year when fall arrives. There are faithful, obedient ways to participate or abstain. There are also ungodly ways to participate or abstain. Strong opinions abound, and we pray you will search Scripture and be led by the Holy Spirit in forming your convictions about the holiday.

Whether you are considering how to approach Halloween, reexamining your stance on it, or already standing confidently in your convictions, here are several resources by faithful believers we hope will be helpful to you. May this season be all for God’s glory, and may we shine like bright lights in the darkness this Halloween! 

–The Well-Watered Team

Halloween and Our Neighbors

“Christians and Halloween” by Travis Allen for Grace to You

This article provides an overview of the history of the tradition, and how a historic festival has evolved into the modern American holiday we know today. Allen’s words are a helpful starting place if you’ve never considered the “why” behind Halloween. Allen sheds light on what it looks like for Christians to faithfully abstain or participate yet remain obedient to God’s Word.


“What I Really Think About Halloween” by Russell Moore

This post is adapted from Moore’s excellent book The Storm-Tossed Family. Moore reveals his conviction about the holiday and makes great biblical application about fear and the blood of Christ.


“Redeem Halloween: Being Missional on Fright Night” by Kelly Needham (plus an update three years later!)

If you want some serious inspiration for serving your community this week, check out these posts from our friend Kelly. She shares about the Needham family’s fun and generous Halloween outreach and how it has grown over the years.


“Take Halloween Captive” by David Mathis for Desiring God

This article encourages believers to “prepare your heart and home for advancing the gospel” on Halloween. Mathis lays out steps that are a helpful spiritual battle plan.


“The Other October 31st Holiday: Reformation Day” by the Risen Motherhood Team

This short article by the RM ladies gives a brief overview of Reformation Day, which is also October 31. They also look at why it has been important to believers for more than 500 years.


Free Candy Tag Printable by Deeply Rooted Magazine

If trick-or-treaters will be visiting you this Thursday, consider attaching the tags from this free printable to the candy you hand out. Give the kids who visit your home a glimpse of gospel love!

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    What a great compilation of resources!

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