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Black trash bags laid piled in the driveway—all my belongings, in a heap on the ground. I fought back tears as I walked inside. My unwanted presence buzzed over my head like a housefly. By sixteen, I had been tossed about from home to home, this being one of seven. No one seemed to want […]

If you’ve experienced suffering, I imagine people said some really helpful things to you—and some really unhelpful things. They mean well, but their words can come out in awkward, sometimes even hurtful, ways. I could tell you stories of strange things people said to me when I was suffering. But the most helpful things people […]

Every spring, I put my head down and speed walk past the card aisles announcing Mother’s Day. The signs’ prodding inquiries ask whether or not I’ve bought a gift for my mom. Their reminders rip scabs off wounds I’ve tried to heal. Sometimes I gather my courage and head into the aisle to play with […]

[Author’s Note: This article is specifically meant for women who know that their friend struggles with disordered eating, meaning this friend has trusted you enough to share this part of her story with you. If you have a friend who you suspect struggles with disordered eating but she has not explicitly disclosed this to you, […]

There comes a point on a Sunday when everyone knows it’s time to head home for lunch. Jokes are no longer funny. Squealing kids are no longer cute. Stomachs growl a little too long. It is unquestionably time to go. With each passing moment, my attitude grows dark and my patience wears thin. We all […]

I tried to squelch the hope growing in my heart as I swung into the drugstore. This time I felt different. Against my better judgment, I allowed myself to believe that maybe the result would be different this time too.  I made the familiar walk to the back right of the store and crouched down […]

Several years ago I started to notice a nagging toothache. I tried to ignore it, hoping it would resolve on its own. The pain stuck around, but I kept putting off a trip to the dentist. I imagined I would need a filling—or worse, a root canal—and the thought of an uncomfortable and potentially expensive […]

I sat on the edge of my seat, listening to the youth conference speaker describe the new Christian life. The night before, while the band played an emotional song about trusting Jesus, the speaker had invited students to come forward to “give their lives to Jesus.” This morning, in a room full of sweaty teens […]

When I was younger, I had no idea that my life would be so run by to-do lists. Some days, it feels like I need a list to manage my other lists. I like to think of myself as calm and carefree, moving slowly, relaxing through life. But in reality, hustle culture has lured me […]

I stood at my kitchen sink as tears of frustration burst from my eyes. I was overstimulated, overtired, and overwhelmed. Between sobs I whispered, “I can’t do this anymore.” I was too weak to keep up with the never-ending stream of demands, no matter how simple they were. As the chaos continued around me, I […]


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