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As a new mom, I was just learning the ropes. We were following all the rules with our firstborn, trying to do everything “right.” Healthy foods, little sugar, regular naptimes, and designated playtime ruled my days. Sleep training was all the rage, and we were determined to get our baby sleeping through the night ASAP. […]

I sat on the edge of my bed with my phone to my ear. For the past six weeks, my husband functioned as a single parent while I laid in bed, suffocated by morning sickness.  My doctor called regularly. She was glad to hear I was finally starting to feel normal again and asked about […]

I had high hopes for my newly planted garden—that is, until my neighbor’s tree fell and crushed it the very next day. It was my first attempt of many to plant a garden this year, and by my fourth try, summer was drawing to a close. With little time left, I wondered if there was […]

What will they Remember? There’s something in us, as parents, that feels like we need to make fall magical. The apple cider. The pumpkin patch. The hot cocoa bars. Do you ever find yourself wishing you were that mom with the peppermint stir sticks for the hot cocoa or the caramel syrup for the apple […]

Singles Are More Than Your Babysitter Before we begin, I think it’s important to establish my credentials. I’ve been single for all my twenty-some (going on thirty-some) years. I’ve never had anything close to a romantic relationship, or even a prom date for that matter. And I’ve been on exactly one date in my life […]

Life-on-Life Discipleship In college, I longed for a mentor. I listened to my friends discuss their relationships with their mentors. They were supportive, they listened, they taught them about the Bible, they gave them advice, and they invited them on coffee dates. I watched them walk together on campus or sit together in the local […]

This article is part of our This Moment Matters series. Read previous articles in the series here: “Does This Really Matter?” by Gretchen Saffles “Being an Ambassador in Your Workplace” by Fernie Cosgrove “Why Your Local Church Matters” by Taylor Cage “Surrendering Our Wallets to the God of Enough” by Laura Hardin “Housework is Kingdom […]

More than ten years later, my memories of the red couch, the clink of the crutches, the daily drive to physical therapy, and the return home to the same couch are still viscerally strong. I had taken a year off of graduate school and left my community of friends and colleagues, the youth group I […]

“I thought I’d be over this by now!” Whitney* exclaimed as she sat at my kitchen table. It’s been two years since Whitney started going to counseling. And while the presenting issue at the time had nothing to do with sexual sin, the journey to get healthy in one area of her life shed light […]

If you’re like me, you probably make prayer too complicated. For a long time, I thought I needed to get things in order before I really made progress in prayer. I felt like I needed a lock-tight theological definition for what prayer was, an understanding of the different types and traditions of prayer (and when […]


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