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But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14   As I walked into the room, I found my two-year-old daughter sitting on top of the washing machine. She was liberally applying a tube of lipstick, dug from out […]

A friend and I squeezed in one precious hour together the week after Christmas last year. They had gotten a bouncy house that fit perfectly in their garage—an ideal gift for all our energetic children. While the big ones bounced and the babies snacked, my friend and I dove deep. What have you been reflecting […]

When I started my journey as a Christian reader, I was hungry to know God, and Christian nonfiction was my meal of choice. I devoured books voraciously during that season. But I didn’t realize the books I was reading were incapable of satisfying my hunger. They were hyped up on sugary, me-centric content with little […]

Just off the grassy trail, I sat in an opening between tall weeds and white wildflowers. With my Bible on my lap, I gazed at the still water before me. Ants crawled across my legs while a biting fly swarmed my head, a picture of the thoughts harassing my mind. After just one sinful thought—a […]

This article is adapted from Kristen Wetherell’s new book, Help for the Hungry Soul.   Why Don’t I Read My Bible? You know the scenario: you’re reading through a Bible passage, only to find your thoughts wandering to that work project you have to finish or that recent debate you heard online (which causes you […]

It’s mid-afternoon and I have almost nothing to show for my day. Instead of crossing tasks off my list, I’ve spent hours replaying a conversation I had yesterday with a friend from church. I’ve been repeating her words and rehearsing what I could have said that would have made the conversation more fruitful. But I […]

There comes a point on a Sunday when everyone knows it’s time to head home for lunch. Jokes are no longer funny. Squealing kids are no longer cute. Stomachs growl a little too long. It is unquestionably time to go. With each passing moment, my attitude grows dark and my patience wears thin. We all […]

The emotional despair of rejection and loneliness can have us looking for love in all the wrong places, much like the oblivious heroine so often portrayed in movies. I watch in silent frustration as she strives to earn the love of some unworthy guy. As the trope goes, she is overlooking true love—the faithful affection […]

Dear Sister, The temptation of Jesus is a wellspring of wisdom, insight, and hope, but it also exposes what’s in our own hearts. As I wrote Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide, I waded into the depths of my own sin and saw my propensity to give in to temptation at every corner. But […]

At 8:45 pm on a quiet Sunday night, I noticed my nine-year-old son’s shadow appear in the dark hallway while I folded laundry and watched television. He approached me, sniffling with his head hung low. His tears alerted me. Did something scare him while he was in bed for the night? Pulling him close, I […]


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