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There comes a point on a Sunday when everyone knows it’s time to head home for lunch. Jokes are no longer funny. Squealing kids are no longer cute. Stomachs growl a little too long. It is unquestionably time to go. With each passing moment, my attitude grows dark and my patience wears thin. We all […]

The emotional despair of rejection and loneliness can have us looking for love in all the wrong places, much like the oblivious heroine so often portrayed in movies. I watch in silent frustration as she strives to earn the love of some unworthy guy. As the trope goes, she is overlooking true love—the faithful affection […]

Dear Sister, The temptation of Jesus is a wellspring of wisdom, insight, and hope, but it also exposes what’s in our own hearts. As I wrote Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide, I waded into the depths of my own sin and saw my propensity to give in to temptation at every corner. But […]

At 8:45 pm on a quiet Sunday night, I noticed my nine-year-old son’s shadow appear in the dark hallway while I folded laundry and watched television. He approached me, sniffling with his head hung low. His tears alerted me. Did something scare him while he was in bed for the night? Pulling him close, I […]

[Editor’s Note: This excerpt is adapted from Humility by Gavin Ortlund, ©2023. Used by permission of Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.] Some years ago, I preached a sermon on envy. I had never really thought in depth about envy before, so it was fascinating to study this particular vice. It was also terrifying. […]

Lights down. Check. Decorations packed. Check. Pine needles vacuumed. Check. It’s official. Christmas is over, and a new year is upon us. Every January brings us a fresh start. And we all love new beginnings. It’s a chance to reset, a chance to try again. But within a few weeks, maybe even days, we sometimes […]

Most of us haven’t faced the temptation to bow to a golden image. I grew up taking the first and second commandments, “You shall have no other gods before me” and “You shall not make for yourself a carved image” (Ex. 20:3–4), for granted. Like every good Sunday school classroom in the ‘90s, diagrams and […]

No one would ever call me an optimist, yet some part of me has always believed that things would work out for my good. I grew up in a Christian home, and the church culture of the ’90s fed me a lie that I consumed and digested wholeheartedly: if I just followed Jesus, my life […]

We all hear a cacophony of thoughts in our minds each day. They bounce through my mind as I fold clothes, unload the dishwasher, care for my kids, bake muffins, and cook supper. Sometimes I remind myself of a truth to remember. Other times I cast judgment on myself. I think through a phrase from […]

Someone recently gifted me a red gerbera daisy plant, which I potted and proudly placed by my front door to bring people joy as they approached my home. However, I quickly noticed the flowers drooping. Assuming it was because of the Alabama heat, I began watering them more regularly and moved them to where they’d […]


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