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A SHEPHERD-LESS SHEEP For five years, a single sheep survived alone in an Australian forest. He had almost 80 pounds of dirty, overgrown fleece hanging on his slight frame and covering his eyes. He resembled a giant boulder. No one knew how he survived on his own, but his unbearable burden lifted as rescuers sheared […]

I settle into the couch, letting my slippers fall quietly to the floor. My Bible sits next to me, a new journal in my lap. Slowly I begin to move the pen, thoughts filling the page in the early morning hours. I shut my journal and open the Bible study book I recently began. Today […]

It was Easter Sunday morning and I was eagerly longing to gather with our church, as is one of our family’s habits. Instead, I found myself holding our youngest son through a drawn-out and severe seizure, watching him endure a trial I wished I could take away. This was one of several seizures that he […]

After the holidays are over, it’s temptingly easy for me to slide into a post-celebration slump. The skies where we live are perpetually gray, the ground is frozen solid, and the buzz and glimmer of celebrating the holidays with family and friends have come to a grinding halt. The thrill of the new year has […]

This article is part of our This Moment Matters series. Read previous articles in the series here: “Does This Really Matter?” by Gretchen Saffles The cold New England breeze woke me up as I climbed onto my bike. The coffee shop opened at 6:00 a.m., and there was a lot I needed to prepare before […]

Ever since I was a baby in the womb, I have been in church. I’ve heard thousands of sermons, attended a private Christian school, and have a lineage of pastors in my family. Needless to say, I’ve heard the Word preached many times. And I’ve been like that foolish person who simply listened and walked […]

Sand snuggled up to my feet, covering them like a wet blanket. The frothy water rushed quickly over them, my feet sinking deeper into the soft ground as the wave receded. The sky burst with brilliant colors. It looked as if someone splattered pink and purple watercolors onto the clouds. Being outside of the everyday […]

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, mindlessly perusing. Suddenly, this adorable girl posted this insanely cute sweater that I really liked. As I paused to read her caption, I was immediately overwhelmed by a need to buy the sweater. Never mind that I have dozens of warm, cute, well-fitting sweaters in my closet. […]

Waiting is hard. I am impatient, and I also love control. It feels like I’m always waiting for something: completing the fostering license process, going back to school, my husband finishing dental school, or going on the next vacation. Always Longing for Something  One of the most difficult waiting periods of my life was when […]

Overwhelmed With Debt It started out slow. A shopping day here, a weekend trip there, and then it got out of hand. No matter what I did or how much money I threw at them, the numbers only got bigger. And scarier. About six months ago, I confessed to my community group that I was […]


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