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We’ve all been there. Approaching Thanksgiving Day with a list of complaints piling up in our hearts, clouding our vision from what truly matters. I’ve walked through a lot of Thanksgivings struggling to be truly grateful, with my eyes set on the temporary and not the eternal. If you’re in the same boat, struggling to […]

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James: Week 6

A Life Lived Beautifully: Megan Craig of New Eve Jewelry

Life is too short to be wasted. 

When productivity feels impossible and interruptions seem to multiply, I remind myself of how Jesus handled distractions.

Today’s “A Life Lived Beautifully” feature is on Charissa Steyn!

Meet our Photographer, Katherine McBroom!

Welcome to day four of “Life Lived Beautifully” Fashion Week! We have been digging into how the gospel affects our closets, how we can dress modestly and point to Jesus, as well as some creative ways on organizing our closets and simplifying our wardrobe. Today we are going to talk about how your wardrobe is like an artist’s palette. You create through what you wear!

Earlier this afternoon I did a periscope with several of you and mentioned a few links and studies! To recap what we talked about, here are a few of my answers to your questions…


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