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Most buildings in America aren’t built to last forever—a fire, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster could easily destroy them. So on a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I was struck by the permanence of the buildings. All the essential government buildings, the national monuments, the White House, and even most of the museums are […]

On a warm summer morning, I set up a table and two chairs in our backyard. While the baby naps, my oldest son and I sit next to zinnias and bees and dip our brushes in water and paint. I watch from across the table as he purses his lips in concentration, exploring the mix […]

A friend and I squeezed in one precious hour together the week after Christmas last year. They had gotten a bouncy house that fit perfectly in their garage—an ideal gift for all our energetic children. While the big ones bounced and the babies snacked, my friend and I dove deep. What have you been reflecting […]

Nothing prepared me for the shock of that day in the exam room and the sting of the words, “No heartbeat detected.” In that moment, my husband and I went from overjoyed to utter anguish. We thought our prayers had been answered after years of infertility. But just as quickly as God gave, I was […]

When I started my journey as a Christian reader, I was hungry to know God, and Christian nonfiction was my meal of choice. I devoured books voraciously during that season. But I didn’t realize the books I was reading were incapable of satisfying my hunger. They were hyped up on sugary, me-centric content with little […]

When grief barged into my life in my late twenties, I questioned God’s goodness and his very existence for the first time. Under the weight of all my questions and doubts, faith felt like a mystery. I didn’t want to walk away from God, but I didn’t know how to believe when things were hard. […]

It’s mid-afternoon and I have almost nothing to show for my day. Instead of crossing tasks off my list, I’ve spent hours replaying a conversation I had yesterday with a friend from church. I’ve been repeating her words and rehearsing what I could have said that would have made the conversation more fruitful. But I […]

There was a strange rule in my graduate counseling program: don’t pass the tissues. It’s not surprising, but a lot of crying happens in counseling programs. I remember the first time one of my professors gestured to a fresh box of Kleenex in the center of the room and instructed us not to touch it—unless […]

Our Michigan-based family loves summer (No more snow! The lake! Hiking! Berry picking! Sunshine!). But to avoid the dreaded “summer slide,” I purchased some school-related activity books for my children last year. As I made that optimistic purchase, I failed to realize that in the upheaval of our regular routines, we would only crack the […]

This article is part of our Made to Create article series. Read the other articles in the series here: “Made to Create” by Ashlee Gadd “Making Music for God’s Glory” by Caroline Cobb “Order from Chaos” by Abbey Wedgeworth “Opening Our Eyes to Art” by Sarah Shin “A Liturgy for Your Words” by Kate Lab   […]


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