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Biblical Womanhood

I sat on the edge of my seat, listening to the youth conference speaker describe the new Christian life. The night before, while the band played an emotional song about trusting Jesus, the speaker had invited students to come forward to “give their lives to Jesus.” This morning, in a room full of sweaty teens […]

Jodie felt like walking out of the church building and never going back. Her life was pretty tough, and she expected church to be a place of refuge, not a battleground. When she got through the door, though, there wasn’t much peace. First, someone tried to pressure her into signing up for a new meeting, […]

How will I ever trust you again? I hurled the question at God from the floor of my closet. I pressed my head into the carpet, unable to face the task of getting dressed. Just weeks prior, I trusted God implicitly. I never could’ve imagined questioning him this boldly or speaking to him this angrily. […]

It’s Bible study night and you’ve been looking forward to meeting with women from your church to study the Bible together all week. But tonight, something shatters this peaceful evening of fellowship.  As you discuss your answers to a challenging application question, one of the women sighs and says that raising little children is a […]

The phone buzzed repeatedly and my heart skipped as I rushed to answer the call. I waited all day for moments like these, where I was simply in the presence of my husband’s voice. I listened attentively, shared highlights, and processed the difficulties my day presented. Sometimes, we simply dwelled in silence, rejoicing in each […]

[Editor’s Note: Don’t miss our Reformation Day Flash Sale! Find our Grounded in the Gospel Workbook, Well-Watered Kids Grounded in the Gospel Workbook, and Five Solas Bag for 20% off now through Tuesday, November 1 at 11:59 pm ET!]   On this day more than five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed a document to the church […]

[Editor’s Note: This article is adapted from chapter 21 of In the Hands of a Fiercely Tender God, Colleen Chao’s forthcoming book on suffering that provides thirty-one days of hope, honesty, and encouragement for the sufferer. Find it available for preorder today.] Early this morning, while it was still dark and quiet, I lay in […]

My children squealed in delight on our family’s first afternoon in our upgraded, fenced-in backyard. My husband spent weeks sweating in the overgrown landscape. He dug up rocky soil, carried pallets of sod, and repaired broken fence boards to create a fun, safe play area. Previously, anytime my young children wanted to play outside, I […]

We all hear a cacophony of thoughts in our minds each day. They bounce through my mind as I fold clothes, unload the dishwasher, care for my kids, bake muffins, and cook supper. Sometimes I remind myself of a truth to remember. Other times I cast judgment on myself. I think through a phrase from […]

Recently, my friend Dee called me. Several years had passed since I saw her last. Hearing her voice after so long filled me with delight as it reminded me of my previous local church. On the outside, we couldn’t be more different than one another—her life was completely opposite from mine. She’s an older white […]


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