Introducing Steadfast

March 12, 2024  - By Well-Watered Women

Introducing Steadfast - an article from Well-Watered Women

Most buildings in America aren’t built to last forever—a fire, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster could easily destroy them. So on a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I was struck by the permanence of the buildings. All the essential government buildings, the national monuments, the White House, and even most of the museums are made of stone. As I walked their white marble corridors, I felt a sense of peace. Many disasters could befall these buildings, and they would still stand firm. 

But if you’ve ever visited Washington, D.C., you know that some important building is always undergoing restoration. The buildings are solid and would be steadfast in a disaster, yet the normal weather patterns and people patterns slowly but surely create wear in the stone. They require regular maintenance. Keeping the buildings and monuments in top condition requires effort. So the government invests regularly in restoring the worn-down areas to keep these valued, essential buildings in their best shape.

So it is with our faith. God and his unchanging Word are firm foundations. But if we want our faith in them to stand firm, especially in the face of change, we must do some regular maintenance. We can’t just go to church on Sundays and forget about God the rest of the week and assume our faith will be able to withstand the storms of life. God and his Word are always available as the firm foundation of our faith, but we must not forget to make the effort to place our feet firmly on them every day.    

Through Scripture, 31 devotionals, application questions, and biblical meditation prompts, Steadfast: A Devotional for Women in Seasons of Change will help you cultivate steadfast faith in God’s faithfulness.

Standing firm in faith,


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P.S. Steadfast is available in the Well-Watered Co. today for 15% off with the code UNCHANGING15! This code is valid through Sunday, March 17 at 11:59 pm ET. Find answers to all questions about Steadfast below.


What is Steadfast and who is it for?

Steadfast is a 31-day devotional that offers hope for the woman in a season of change who’s experiencing the chaos of transition, lack of control, unfulfilled expectations, fear of the unknown, disappointment, grief and loss, or feelings of being stuck. Steadfast will help you:

  • Identify what makes seasons of change so difficult and how God will meet you in that season
  • Establish a daily habit of standing firm in faith on the unchanging Word of God
  • Cultivate steadfast faith in God’s faithfulness through the stories of a variety of women in different seasons of life
  • Incorporate biblical meditation on Scripture into your daily life


What is the format of Steadfast?

Each day includes a Scripture reading, a related devotional, and journaling space with an application question and a prompt to help you practice biblical meditation. The daily Scripture readings in the Firm Foundation section encourage you to spend time in God’s Word before diving into the day’s reading. The Stand Firm in Truth section contains biblical truths and encouragement in the form of a devotional. The Hold Fast to Hope section helps you take what you learn from God's Word with you throughout your day by offering an application question and biblical meditation prompt. The devotional is 31 days long, so you could work through the entire devotional in one month or go at your own pace. 


What topics does Steadfast cover?

Steadfast addresses the topics of change, transition, and trial through personal stories of life season changes, daily rhythm changes, moving, changing churches, health challenges, shifting friendships, seasons of suffering, and more. Some of the daily titles include:

  • I am steadfast because God’s promises are Yes in Jesus Christ
  • I am steadfast because God is with me
  • I am steadfast when I worship
  • I am steadfast when I resist the lure of the law
  • I am steadfast because God is my keeper
  • I am steadfast when I receive the comfort and encouragement of other believers
  • I am steadfast when I rely on God’s strength
  • I am steadfast because God is my Shepherd
  • I am steadfast when I have an eternal perspective


Who contributed to Steadfast?

Various women in different seasons of life contributed to the devotional: Maggie Combs, Brittany Allen, Lauren Bowerman, Taylor Cage, Portia Collins, Fernie Cosgrove, Kati Lynn Davis, Lara d’Entremont, Neidy Hess, Joanna Kimbrel, Cheryl Marshall, Caroline Newheiser, Titania Paige, Gretchen Saffles, Ann Swindell, Sarah Valentour, Lauren Washer, Lauren Weir, Abbey Wysocki, and Grace Xiaosheng.


Can I read through Steadfast with a group? 

Reading through Steadfast with a friend or a group in your local community is a great way to have accountability for remaining in God’s Word, pray for one another, and fellowship together. You could talk through the application questions in the Hold Fast to Hope section, discuss what resonated with you in each devotion, and encourage one another as you navigate your specific seasons of transition.


Are there any discounts or promotions available?

Yes! Save 15% on Steadfast today through Sunday, March 17 at 11:59 pm ET with the code UNCHANGING15.


Do you offer bulk discounts for groups?

We do! If you’re interested in ordering devotionals for a group of five or more, please email us at for special pricing.

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