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On a day filled to the brim with endless work and home tasks, I furrow my brow as I rummage through my desk drawer. Where are all my pens? I don’t want to slow down. There’s too much to do! I let out a heavy sigh. Under a neon orange sticky note, I find a […]

Editor’s note: This article series is about experiencing abundant life in Christ. If you want to experience spiritual growth by the power of the Holy Spirit, check out our study, Abundant: A Bible Study on the Fruit of the Spirit. Read the other articles in the series here: “Abide in the True Vine” by Sarah […]

Just off the grassy trail, I sat in an opening between tall weeds and white wildflowers. With my Bible on my lap, I gazed at the still water before me. Ants crawled across my legs while a biting fly swarmed my head, a picture of the thoughts harassing my mind. After just one sinful thought—a […]

As moms, we can feel like our entire life is one of lowliness. We wipe bums and clean snotty noses. We hold hair back while children puke and scrub dried fruit from our floors. Meanwhile, our hair is greasy from day five of dry shampoo and we smell like old food and sweat. And we […]

Black trash bags laid piled in the driveway—all my belongings, in a heap on the ground. I fought back tears as I walked inside. My unwanted presence buzzed over my head like a housefly. By sixteen, I had been tossed about from home to home, this being one of seven. No one seemed to want […]

There was a strange rule in my graduate counseling program: don’t pass the tissues. It’s not surprising, but a lot of crying happens in counseling programs. I remember the first time one of my professors gestured to a fresh box of Kleenex in the center of the room and instructed us not to touch it—unless […]

If you’ve experienced suffering, I imagine people said some really helpful things to you—and some really unhelpful things. They mean well, but their words can come out in awkward, sometimes even hurtful, ways. I could tell you stories of strange things people said to me when I was suffering. But the most helpful things people […]

This article is part of our Made to Create article series. Read the other articles in the series here: “Made to Create” by Ashlee Gadd “Making Music for God’s Glory” by Caroline Cobb “Order from Chaos” by Abbey Wedgeworth “Opening Our Eyes to Art” by Sarah Shin “A Welcoming Home” by Rachael Milner   Made […]

This article is adapted from Ashlee Gadd’s new book, Create Anyway, and is part of our new Made to Create article series. Read the other articles in the series here: “Making Music for God’s Glory” by Caroline Cobb “Order from Chaos” by Abbey Wedgeworth “Opening Our Eyes to Art” by Sarah Shin “A Liturgy for Your […]

When we think about the Holy Spirit, we often scratch our heads the way my three-year-old son does when I tell him that God is three Persons.  “But who are the three Persons?” he asks me. “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” I smile, knowing the weight of the Trinity is too much […]


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