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May 16, 2023  - By Well-Watered Women

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When we think about the Holy Spirit, we often scratch our heads the way my three-year-old son does when I tell him that God is three Persons. 

“But who are the three Persons?” he asks me.

“The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” I smile, knowing the weight of the Trinity is too much for even an adult to comprehend.

His little face scrunches up in concentration. “So, the Father is God, and the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is…Jesus?” 

Though our theological language may be more precise, many of us are too confused to advance much further. Without a grasp on who the Holy Spirit is, we resort to living the Christian life in our own power. We pursue holiness, yet lie awake at night recounting in shame the ways we fell short. We seek to love our neighbor, yet anxiously review every interaction and how we came off or how that person felt. We know that we are beloved children of God, yet the affirmation and approval of those around us dominate our thoughts and direct our actions. We carry the weight of our plans, our pain, and our sin, limping after Jesus with shallow breath and need of rest.

Yet the God who breathed his very life into us created us to be dependent on him. Our self-reliance denies our design and keeps us from a life full of God himself. Let us embark with childlike curiosity to know the Holy Spirit and marvel that our God has chosen to make those who trust in him his very dwelling place.

Grace and peace,


Theology and Content Editor and author of the Life in the Spirit Workbook

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What content does the Life in the Spirit Workbook cover?

This workbook helps you search God's Word for yourself to understand the Holy Spirit’s role throughout creation, the old covenant, the life of Jesus, and the new covenant. It also digs deeper into a few specific roles of the Spirit in the lives of believers today, helping you understand what it means to walk by the Spirit. The workbook uses the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, confession, worship, and memorization to help God’s Word travel from your head to your heart, creating opportunities for Spirit-led life transformation.

How is the workbook formatted?

The workbook is divided into five main sections about the Holy Spirit, moving through the narrative of Scripture: Breath of God, The Spirit and the Covenants, Jesus and the Spirit, Death to Life, and Walk by the Spirit. Each section is divided into two to four concepts to further your understanding. For each concept, you’ll complete the following sections based on spiritual disciplines: Truth Defined, Truth Understood, Truth Applied, Worship God in Truth, and Remember Truth. Download sample pages of the first concept here.

How is this workbook different from a typical Well-Watered Women Bible study?

This workbook focuses on guiding you through Scripture to uncover truths about the Holy Spirit for yourself instead of teaching you about a specific topic or book of the Bible. It's divided into sections rather than days, so there's flexibility in how you use it. You could decide to tackle one section each week for a five-week study on the Holy Spirit. Or, you could use this workbook on top of your regular Bible study and move through it more slowly. Maybe you decide to set time aside each Sunday to complete a section or two at your own pace or to use this workbook as an opportunity to dig into God’s Word in the evening before you go to bed. However you use it, commit to digging deeply and considering each verse instead of flying through to check something off your list.

What else is in the collection?

The collection includes Life in the Spirit Verse Cards that go along with the workbook. Each 4x6 verse card beautifully displays a key verse on the front. On the back, they prompt you to recall the Scripture with the first letter of each word. The collection also includes the Life in the Spirit Bundle and the Rooted in Truth Bundle. The Life in the Spirit Bundle includes the Life in the Spirit Workbook and Life in the Spirit Verse Cards with the option of adding on the In the Word Memory Journal. The Rooted in Truth Bundle pairs our two workbooks, the Grounded in the Gospel Workbook and the Life in the Spirit Workbook.

Are there any discounts or promotions available?

Yes, this week only, save 20% automatically on the Life in the Spirit Bundle and Rooted in Truth Bundle! This discount is valid through Friday, May 19 at 11:59 pm ET.

Do you offer bulk discounts for groups?

We do! If you’re interested in ordering workbooks for a group of five or more, please email us at for special pricing.

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