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A Life Lived Beautifully: Ruth Simons

A Life Lived Beautifully: Emily Betzler

The Saffles

Glancing at the test, the two pink lines caught my eye. Two. Not just one. Two pink lines. I looked at my husband in stunned surprise and held it out for him to see. He led me to the couch and I proceeded to miss the couch and just fall straight to the floor in my usual dramatic fashion. We’re pregnant. We both sat there for what seemed like hours letting it sink in deep. The surprise and excitement mixed with the worry and unknowns filled out hearts with a flood of emotions. The next nine months were going to change our lives. The day we found out we were pregnant was exciting and overwhelming.

I dreamed up the name Life Lived Beautifully during my quiet time with the Lord last spring. Since then, the Lord has continually re-defined what that actually means. At first glance your thoughts might be: success, fame, influence, outer appearance, things, etc. Honestly, I might’ve had those thoughts too when I came up with the […]

I was sitting in the pew in my normal spot with my mom by my side. Most Sundays I would drift off into my imagination or lay down on the pew and doze a little. This day was different. I listened intently as my dad proclaimed the Word of God. It stirred my heart. He […]

Have you ever been chilled to the bones? Like deep down where you can’t stop shaking? Now take that thought of begin chilled and imagine the gospel penetrating deep down to your bones where you can’t stop telling others about it. Imagine it not leaving and getting deeper and deeper where you can’t shake it, […]

(This beautiful graphic was created by my friend Nicole from bloomtheblog) This past year has been a blur in many ways. I began 2014 with a heart to make much of Jesus in Life Lived Beautifully, but I had no idea what that would look like. I began selling art prints and watercolor stationery in […]

Meet Bethann. I realized recently that a majority of the women I have been featuring in this series I met online. Never before would I have imagined that I would find dear friends who love Jesus through the internet! For so long I was skeptical that the Internet could be used for God’s glory, but […]

Meet Breena. I have had the privilege of getting to know Breena over this past year and follow her journey of losing her son to Batten Disease. I can say this with full confidence – this girl is the real thing. She doesn’t just say things to be noticed or to be followed, she share […]

My husband and I are not pet people. We are surrounded by friends who love their dogs and cats and still can’t understand why we wouldn’t purchase some kind of pet to have in our family. My response is always simple – “If I am going to get a pet, it is going to be […]


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