Walk In Grace and Ascending Calvary

February 1, 2018  - By Well-Watered Women


Last fall we introduced a new study entitled He Is: Experiencing the Power of Jesus’ Name. This beautiful fictional narrative was written by Kara Holmes, Gretchen’s sister. It combined elements of a fictional story with truth from Scripture, and we spent the time leading up to Christmas digging into the names of God. We heard from so many of you that this type of study was extremely powerful and allowed you to understand Scripture in a new light.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Ascending Calvary to you this week. We’ve been working to create a study that would reflect the beauty found within this narrative. Here’s a glimpse into this 40-day journey!


Ascending Calvary: Journeying the Heights of Love

Ascending Calvary is a gripping fictional story of the Traveler, whose journey brings him to ascend to the heights of God’s love. Throughout his climb, the Traveler converses with the Lord about the many highs and lows in life, both in his own personal history and in the story of mankind. The Traveler’s journey captures honest discussion and an intentional desire to know and follow God, even in the midst of loss, grief, change, and the unknown.

As you join the Traveler in his quest, we pray this will spark an honest conversation with the Father about your own story. The fictional narrative, combined with days of study, reflection, and meditation on scripture, will point your heart to truth and help you dig into topics that can be difficult to navigate. At the end of this journey, we hope you will find your walk with the Lord strengthened and your spirit lifted by God’s mighty acts of mercy, grace, restoration, reconciliation, assurance, and love.

This forty-day study was written by Kara Holmes, Gretchen’s sister, who wrote He Is: Experiencing the Power of Jesus’ Name, which we studied during Advent. Similarly, we plan to go through Ascending Calvary during Lent as we prepare our hearts for Easter. We will begin this study together on February 21 and end on April 1.

Ascending Calvary Verse Cards

The Ascending Calvary verse card set includes 8 different cards featuring 8 memory verses featured in the Ascending Calvary study. The back of each card features the phrase “You are mine, Beloved.” These cards are designed to be functional as well as beautiful as you hide truth in your heart and pray Scripture. They are heavyweight and sized at 4×4 inches. They can be framed in a collage on your wall, or tucked somewhere you’ll see them regularly as you memorize the verses.


At the end of 2015, the Lord kept bringing three little words to my heart: Walk In Grace. Maybe you’ve seen us share that phrase the past year or so and wondered what it really means. I felt the Lord pressing on my heart this balance of both receiving grace and walking in obedience. We read in Scripture that grace comes to us freely, there’s nothing we can do to earn the forgiveness or love of God apart from Christ. But there’s also a call to faith, to action, to taking steps forward in obedience. I knew this phrase would serve as a reminder that walking in grace is a daily action—receiving it from the Lord, then walking by the strength of the Spirit.

Walking In Grace may look like a ton of different things in your day to day. Some days, it may mean letting a few things slide from your to-do list so that you can be present and love on your family. Some days it may mean surrendering your own ideas and interests so that you can serve and love a friend who needs the encouragement. Some days it may mean working really hard, but resting really well. It can take on many different shapes, but it is a tangible call to receive grace from an unchanging God and walk in obedience to the commands of His love.

Walk In Grace: Ephesians

The Walk In Grace journal was born out of this idea—that in order to walk in grace, we have to first receive it by coming near to the Lord. The first Walk In Grace journal was a guided journal through the book of Colossians. It was created to help you see how to know and study God’s Word so that you could come to its pages and receive grace, encouragement and love. The newest journal is a guide through Ephesians. This journal takes eight weeks to complete, and each week is made of five days. At the end of each week you’ll find space to recap what you’ve read, as well as memorize a verse of Scripture. The end of the journal has a heart check and 10 notes pages for you to utilize as you study this letter from Paul.

Walk In Grace Verse Cards

We’ve also designed a set of verse cards that feature eight verses from Ephesians. You could choose to memorize one verse each week as you go through the study, or you could memorize them all in a shorter period of time. We want these cards to go with you and be nearby—always serving as a reminder to hide truth in your heart. Frame them, hang them up with string and clothespins, or put them on your mirror. Let them stay in front of you and serve as a daily reminder of truth.

Walk In Grace Pen, Sticker Set and Laptop Stickers

These extra little goodies are all tangible reminders of grace. The teal pen is a new favorite—it writes like a charm and the bright color is fun for spring. The sticker set comes with two pages of 4×6 sticker sheets, which are full of words and phrases found throughout the book of Ephesians. The backing is clear, which allows you to see through to the page of your journal or Bible underneath. Our new laptop stickers would be fun to use just about anywhere—on your laptop, water bottle, phone case—anywhere you’ll see it throughout the day and remember to pause and receive grace. We have three new stickers: Walk In Grace, Give Me Jesus Plus Nothing, and Word Before World. Each measures 3×3 and are durable for wear and tear.

Walk In Grace Necklace

We collaborated with Anna from Dustmade Jewelry to create this beautiful silver bar necklace that reads WALK IN GRACE. Each necklace is hand-poured and stamped by hand to give each one a subtle unique appearance. The chain measures 15 inches and is the perfect compliment to just about any outfit. May it remind you each day that you are covered in grace from head to toe!

Walk In Grace Mug

This 15-ounce glossy bistro mug is one of our new favorites. It’s a shiny, beautiful charcoal gray color with bright white lettering by Lovely Lettering Co. We wanted to give you a mug to hold in the early morning moments as you drink your coffee and drink deeply from the well of God’s Word. Let it be a gentle reminder to walk in grace as you reheat your coffee multiple times throughout the day and carry it from room to room. We recommend hand-washing to ensure the longevity of the imprint.

Word Before World Bookmark and Sticker

It has been so exciting to watch this phrase grow over the past month. We started saying WORD Before World as a reminder to be in the Word of God FIRST, before jumping into the world through social media or our to-do lists. We created these stickers and bookmarks so you could place them in a spot that would jog your memory and help you come back to the Word. The bookmark has a helpful guide for how to study Scripture on the back, and both pieces feature beautiful lettering from Lovely Lettering Co.

You can save 10% on all of these new items in the Well-Watered Shop. Just use the code GRACE10 at checkout now through Monday, February 5th!

We hope you are abundantly blessed with these tools and that you enjoy digging into the Word. We’d love to know if you plan to join us as we study Ascending Calvary, beginning February 21.

walking in grace,

Rachael and the WWW Team

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