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August 30, 2017  - By Well-Watered Women

Redefine: to define again or differently.

Do you remember the first time you ever felt insecure?

Maybe it was at a middle school dance while the boys stood on the other side of the gym and you felt yourself start to sweat at the thought of being asked – or worse – not being asked to dance. Maybe it was when you went swimming with your friends and noticed that your body was shaped somewhat differently than theirs or that your thighs had a little extra jiggle when you walked. Maybe it was growing up with a sister who always seemed perfect whereas you always felt awkward and uncomfortable.

Whether or not you can pinpoint the exact moment that you felt the tidal wave of insecurity surge over your soul for the very first time, I would venture to guess that you can probably recall a more recent experience with insecurity. It may not have felt exactly like that feeling of shame caused by a huge zit on your chin on the same day as school pictures – but the heartache of insecurity is a deeper pain that so many of us face every single day – one we haven’t yet grown out of.

Insecurity is often rooted and wrapped up in our identity. Identity — meaning who we really are at the core — but also how we identify ourselves to the world. When that gets shaken or misunderstood, our confidence can waver and our heart can experience the pain of uncertainty and disapproval in a way that we long to avoid like the plague. This sends us running to all sorts of places and people with the hope of securing our identity once and for all, never to be shaken again.

But friends, if we place our identity in anything besides Jesus Christ, we are bound to experience the discomfort, pain and rejection of insecurity. Because people change. Culture shifts. Expectations fluctuate. And when we let our identity become wrapped up in those things, then our identity will change as the wind blows.

Redefined is about redefining our identity in Jesus. Our prayer is that through time in Scripture and a lot of heart-searching and surrender, the Lord would show you that He has already written you a new story and a new description of who you are. The Lord has given you a new identity, and it is one that is centered on the Gospel and who Jesus says you are – not how you feel about yourself from one day to the next or what the world says about you.

Redefined is about identity in Jesus that radiates outwardly into a noticeable grace, confidence and gentle humility — all rooted in the mercy and goodness of Christ dwelling in us. Realizing that identity is our hope and prayer behind this study and each accompanying tool you’ll find in this collection.

The Redefined Collection

We have a handful of new tools that we are truly thrilled to introduce to the Well-Watered Women Shop. We have a heart for creating – especially when the products can help us know more about Jesus and spend time in His presence. And that is our prayer behind each and every item in the Redefined Collection.

Redefined: Defining Identity Through the Mirror of God’s Word

This six-week study has been in the works for months, but it comes from a lifetime of experiencing the daily battle of walking in our God-given identity rather than letting the day’s emotions dictate how we live. Each week is made of five days, and each day will point you to truth in Scripture, walk you through a devotion and ask questions for you to really break down the text. The study is full-color and features beautiful photos of REAL women from the Well-Watered Community. 

We’ve created a Leader Guide you can use if you’re going through the study as a group. Simply click here for instant access to the Leader Guide! We’ll be studying through Redefined as a community beginning September 18.

In addition to Redefined, we’ve created a new tool we’re calling the Redefined Companion Journal. This small 5×7 journal is the perfect size to carry with you or keep tucked in your Bible. The journal gives you space to speak truth to your feelings rather than letting your feelings dictate your day. In the journal you’ll find 36 pages, 12 pages of 3 different layouts: “Lie vs. Truth”, “I think… But I Know…” and “Because God is… I am…” along with a sample page for how to use each layout.

Our Redefined mug is such a happy new addition – a classic “diner” style mug in a fun aqua color. One side reads “Redefined” while the other has “Chosen. Loved. Redeemed.” We hope this mug is a tangible reminder of who you are as you start the day with the Lord.

The new Redeemed necklace is beautifully handmade by Dustmade. The hand-stamped copper makes each necklace unique and we want to wear it with everything! We hope it reminds you that you’ve been redeemed and forgiven each time you wear it.

The Redefined t-shirt is bound to be a new favorite – because it’s the softest shirt we’ve ever offered! It fits true to size, a more traditional t-shirt fit, and is full of identity-giving words that we hope you remember each time you put it on. The mauve color is feminine but subtle, and we have size small-3XL.

And last but not least, we’ve got a new set of verse cards. We’re calling these “mirror cards” because we hope you’ll tuck them on your mirror and carry them with you. There are 20 verses and each card is full of life-giving truth for you to hide in your heart.

You can purchase the small bundle (study, journal, cards, bookmark) here or the large bundle (study, journal, cards, bookmark, mug and necklace) here to save 10%. 

Use the code REDEFINED10 to save an additional 10% on the new items until September 6th.

We’ll begin studying Redefined as a community on September 18, and September 7th is the last day to guarantee on-time delivery if you plan to being the study with us then! Simply click here for instant access to our Leader Guide! We’ve also got a fun Redefined playlist for you here!

Let’s look to the Word to redefine our identity rather than listening to the world around us. Let’s be women who are redefined by the Gospel and who share the love of God with everyone we encounter!

The Well-Watered Team


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  1. says:

    I have been greatly anticipating this day + yay that it is here!! I am so stoked for my order to arrive, thank you so much for the labor of love and diligence you all have poured into this study. (Also, such a good idea to create a Redefined playlist – it was playing earlier this morning!) Looking forward to digging into the Word together!

    • says:

      Thank you sweet Elizabeth! We pray that it is encouraging from start to finish and that even the music can be an overflow of worship! Excited that you are going through this with us! – Gretchen

  2. I can’t tell you how excited I found you! For almost two years, I have been working on starting my own personal wardrobe styling business. During this time, I have had some self-doubt (well lots really) and then some road blocks that have tried to prevent me from living out my passion to help and encourage every day women to "redefine" their style inside and out. To embrace who God created them to be while looking and feeling good. As women we can tend to get wrapped up into trends or what we see on social media of how we should dress instead of dressing for ourselves. As I began the journey of starting this business, God kept putting on my heart the words, "redefine," "refine" and "renew." Every where I looked, I would come across these powerful words or something very similar to it. I would be sitting in church and the sermon would be about renewal. I would sit down to read my devotional that morning, and the word, "refine" would be mentioned. As I continued to study these words while also praying about what the true purpose of starting this business was, I knew God was working on me to Redefine different areas in my life and He still is. My point in telling you all this is to say that you are already a blessing to me! As I have had self doubt of "am I really fit to be doing this?" or "is this really what God wants me to do?" especially recently as I will be launching my business, Redefine Style, in two days…God put you in my Instagram feed at just the right time. Your new bible study, "Redefine", with it’s beautiful illustrations and with just the words I use to help define my new venture was right there, just when I needed to see it. I was literally in tears when I saw it and immediately thanked God for you! I cannot wait to get my hands on your new study and I can’t wait to tell other women that I will be working with or reaching through my blog about this! Thank you again for creating a study for women who are looking to be refined and encouraged to be who God created them to be. Blessing, Amy (Redefine Style)

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