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Don’t Waste Your Quarantine

March 25, 2020  - By Gretchen Saffles

Well-Watered Women Blog-Don't Waste Your Quarantine

Choosing Intentionality

Don’t waste your quarantine.

Yes, I know it’s inconvenient and very unsettling. I know plans are drastically changed and a new normal hasn’t been set in place. But even still, don’t waste these days.

Some day this quarantine will end. Some day things will be back to the norm. But will we look back and say we were faithful during this time?⁠

Wasted Moments⁠

Wasting this time looks like complaining constantly, worrying continually, and being frustrated over inconveniences. It looks like spending the majority of your time looking at a screen or browsing headline after headline. Wasting time looks like giving in to fear and allowing “what if’s” to control your every thought. It looks like retreating from battle, forgetting to pray, and not loving our neighbor. But Jesus hasn’t called us to this, He has called us from this. ⁠

A Better Way

Jesus calls us to peace, to faithfulness, and to total surrender. Use these quarantine days by spending them serving the people right in front of you. Not wasting this time looks like giving thanks for overlooked blessings. It looks like praying with fervency for the gospel to be made known to those around us, to those who are hurting and sick. It looks like reading the Word through a lens of faith, longing for Truth to transform our minds.⁠

Though it may not be convenient, God can use this season for good. Let’s not look back wishing we had prayed more, given more, read our Bibles more, set our phones down more.

Let’s be faithful. We are the light of the world friends. Even in quarantine, shine your light for the glory of God and the good of those around you. Don’t waste your quarantine days, give them to God and trust Him every second of them.

Your friend, Gretchen

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Well Watered Women Blog-Don't Waste Your Quarantine

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