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In 2013 I tiptoed into the waters of being a Christian entrepreneur. Over the next few years, I had no idea that God would use that leap of faith to mold me, shape me, and chisel my heart. Owning a small business with the desire to make much of Jesus has proven harder than I thought it would. Since the beginning, I have felt the Lord clearly call me to do things differently, and, instead of following worldly business standards, to follow Him. The path He has taken me on has been anything but easy, however, it has been worth every step, every stumble, and every mountain we have climbed together. In the end, it has led me to a deeper walk with Him. 

Grab a cup of coffee and meet Becky Bennett, today’s “A Life Lived Beautifully” feature!

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Day five of our “Life Lived Beautifully” Fashion week! Meet Katie Lewis, founder of Dear Mushka, in today’s A Life Lived Beautifully feature!

My heart rejoices today writing this post! For months we have been praying about a ministry Life Lived Beautifully can support. Through a series of incredible circumstances and connections, the Lord led us to Kupendwa Ministries.

I recently found The Root Collective through Instagram and fell in love with the mission of this shoe company. Not only are they providing opportunities for employment in Guatemala, but they are pointing people to Jesus. Ethical fashion is a huge issue these days. After majoring in Fashion Merchandising in college, the Lord began to open my eyes to these problems in this industry. I am still learning more about how we can make a difference and make wise choices with our purchases. Having a good pair of flats is a staple to my wardrobe. Each year I look for a new pair that I can wear with any outfit and won’t hurt my feet at the end of the day. My flats from The Root Collective are the most comfortable shoes I own! They are my go-to pair and they coordinate with most outfits. It is a joy to be able to wear clothing that serves a gospel purpose and is functional. You can find their shoes here! Grab a cup of coffee and get to know the founder of The Root Collective, Bethany Tran!


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