Six Summer Rest Strategies

June 21, 2022  - By Fernie Cosgrove

Six Summer Rest Strategies - An Article by Fernie Cosgrove

Summer is special—long, sunny days, beach trips, trees dressed in green, hikes as the sun scorches our skin, and joyful gatherings with friends under starry skies. The Lord designed each season with unique opportunities to know him better. Summer is a chance to experience joy, refreshment, and his glory in the beauty of creation. Don’t miss the chance you have this summer to slow down and contemplate God’s majesty on full display. Here are six ways to build rhythms of rest into your summer to refresh your soul in this season.

1. Rest in Creation

Creation declares the glory of God (Ps. 19:1), and summer is a great season to be still and know the Lord through his creation. We’re so used to the constant noise of our phones, but devices distract from meditation. Instead, welcome space to meditate on God this summer by spending time in nature. Go on walks, admire the sunrise, stare at the sky, or watch the waves hit the sand. Then worship the Lord with the overflow of your heart.

2. Rest in Prayer

We don’t change on our own. Actively engage in prayer with God over your summer using these prompts:

  • Pray that the Lord would use this season to captivate your mind and heart to grow your love for him (Matt. 22:37).
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you examine your heart and uncover fears or patterns of sin related to this season (Ps. 139:23).
  • Ask God for a summer focus (consider growing in the Word, building new friendships, strengthening old relationships, or freedom from your phone).
  • Pray that the will of the Lord, not yours, be done this summer (Matt. 6:10).

3. Rest in Fellowship

In a season when it's simpler to host gatherings around the grill, take the opportunity to make new acquaintances and build old friendships. As you come up with your list of guests, consider the following:

  • Is there anyone new at church that I can invite? Be intentional in looking around on a Sunday morning to identify new faces and people not yet connected with others.
  • Are there any neighbors that I can include in my gathering?
  • In a season when Bible studies and small groups may not be meeting, it’s a great time to build one-on-one discipleship.

4. Rest in your Bible

As routines slow and change, it's easy to become lax with our Bible reading. Make the Word of God a priority in this season by evaluating your current Bible reading plan and making the necessary adjustments to put the Word before the world this summer. Consider your summer plans:

  • Will you be traveling a lot? If so, you may want to choose a Bible study or plan that is easy to carry or accessible on your phone.
  • How much alone time will you get? You might need a simpler or self-directed study during this season.
  • If you’re expecting a quiet summer, dive deeper into a book of the Bible you haven’t studied before.
  • If you have a busy season ahead, pick a book of the Bible that you can read, re-read, and meditate on through this season.

5. Rest Without Social Media

Social media distracts us from being present in the places the Lord has called us to and can cause discontentment to grow in our hearts. Set parameters for social media this summer to break free from any strongholds it has in your heart. Think about the following:

  • Set up specific days and times when you will and won’t engage in social media.
  • Do a quick heart check before you share: Why do I want to share this? Will sharing it detract from really enjoying this time together? Will sharing it hurt someone I love? Do I want people to emulate and admire me or follow and exalt Christ? 

You may even feel the need to be completely away from social media this season. If you do, take that step. You won’t regret it!

6. Rest in God’s Plan

It’s so easy to become so focused on having a “perfect summer” that we forget to place our hope in God. So, be flexible with your days this summer, hold your plans loosely, and trust God. Your soul will find the most rest this summer when it is at rest in his sovereign and good plan.


Meet the Author

Fernie is passionate about encouraging women to grow deeper in their understanding of the Scriptures and helping them apply this to their day-to-day context. She is a wife and mama and works full time as a child welfare social worker. In her free time, you’ll find her seeking outdoor adventures, reading all genres of good books, and pursuing her M. Div. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Fernie is originally from Cd. Juárez, México and lives with her husband and son in Connecticut. You can find more of her writing at la Coalicion por el Evangelio and her book reviews on her blog


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Six Summer Rest Strategies-An Article by Fernie Cosgrove

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