Our new website is here!

May 9, 2018  - By Gretchen Saffles

The new Well-Watered Women website is here!

Four years ago...

I clicked “post” with trembling fingers and launched a vulnerable piece of my heart into the world: the Give Me Jesus Journal. This journal had been the culmination of years of striving in my walk with the Lord. I’d longed to know Him more deeply through the Word, but I just couldn’t figure out how exactly to do that. I knew there was more to the dried-up-keep-trying-never-getting-there kind of life. I knew that the abundance Jesus promised in Scripture wasn’t just false hope. It was real, but it had to be fought for. I began fighting when I created the first quiet time journal and will continue to fight for this promise, both in my personal walk with God and for women around the world who love Christ.


After the release of the first journal, God began scrubbing, refining, and defining my mission to be one simple thing: to know Jesus and make Him known. What makes me smile about this mission is the way it has come to fruition over the years, mainly through writing. I’ve never really considered myself a writer. As a matter of fact, grammar was one of my least favorite subjects in school. However, stringing words together to have worth, to move hearts, to change perspective, to ignite passion—that’s always been a favorite of mine. Even though I do it imperfectly, I do it with the exact same purpose that goes all the way back to my mission God redefined in 2014: to know Jesus and make Him known.

Over the course of several years following the release of the first journal, God expanded the ministry of Well-Watered Women (formally known as Life Lived Beautifully).


He began stirring women’s hearts, opening their eyes, and drawing them ever nearer to His heart through the Word.

Somehow, in His divine sovereign grace, He began to reach women through this website and extend the reach of this ministry far across the oceans to different countries. I still type these words astounded at His mercy in this, and at times I want to laugh or jump up and down with joy.


because I know full well that this is nothing I have produced—this is His work, His ministry, His Word.

As this ministry has grown, our team has identified some important updates and shifts that needed to happen to relay the message of Christ more effectively—one of them being a website update. Since the beginning of Well-Watered Women, I’ve done my very best to create products, content, and even a website that would reach women, but my capacity can only go so far! This year, the Lord connected us with Elizabeth, a Jesus-loving sister from Tennessee, to redesign our website, making it a better tool to reach women with the hope of Christ! Over the past few months Elizabeth has been tirelessly working behind-the-scenes to create a functional, well-organized, user-friendly website to equip women to know Jesus and make Him known.

It’s beautiful to see things come full circle. To remember where I was four years ago when I first released the Give Me Jesus Journal, and to realize how far the Lord has brought me to this present moment.

All is grace, sisters. All is grace. Nothing less.

Today, my heart is celebrating that God has allowed us to keep pursuing that mission He laid on my heart four years ago through releasing this new website. We pray it is a blessing to you, a tool to reach women across the globe with the hope of the Gospel, a trusted resource women can use over the years to find content that will better help them understand the Word of God.


On this new website you will find:

  • The “Well-Watered Life” Quiz: A free quiz designed help you refocus your relationship with God and show you ways that you can live a well-watered life.


  • Free Resources to Help You Study the Word: Here you’ll find our top blog posts to help you dig into Scripture, devotionals and podcasts we recommend, plus four brand-new free downloads to help you study the Bible! (including how to have a well-watered morning, a “how to study the Bible” cheat sheet, and five free online resources outside of WWW to help you study the Bible!)


  • An Updated and Improved Blog: You can now search all of our blog posts by specific categories. We hope this allows you to really dive deep into important topics. For example, you can now see posts just on topics such as marriage, adoption, anxiety/worry, or quiet time.


I praise God for you, sisters, and thank Him for you often. Let’s continue to put the Word before the world together, in all that we do, knowing that Jesus is worthy and He is worth our time, affection, and devotion.

Now, let’s celebrate!

Enter the giveaway below to win some of our favorite products and celebrate with us! 

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  1. Kimberlee says:

    I did all three things to get entries, but only on seemed to check off…

  2. Katie B says:

    I’m loving this so much!! God is so good. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice to see this happen!

  3. Veronica Fox says:

    I was introduced to your website a few months ago by a fellow sister in Christ. I was looking for a summer study and she recommended your Colossians study. I’m looking forward to this study this summer and a continual reliance on other resources from your library. Thank you and many blessings as God directs your steps.

  4. Angi says:

    Beautiful new website! Congratulations! What a blessing for all of us.

  5. Shalia says:

    My sister introduced me to this company nearly a year ago, and since then I have absolutely fallen in love with the mission! I loved the Word Before World series and purchased the stickers and bookmarks to continue reminding me. So thankful for this company, for the blog posts that reach so many, and the merchandise that makes me so excited!! Thank you!!! Love the new website look!

  6. Lauren Fondren says:

    Thankful for the heart of this ministry. My walk with the Lord has flourished abundantly from the available resources. The new website is beautiful and user friendly! Many blessings in your future endeavors. Thank you for practical help to get to know and love Christ more!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I am so excited and so grateful!

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