Every year, as store aisles overflow with glittering ornaments and fragrant pine garlands, I prayerfully ask God, “How can I give Jesus to my family this Christmas?” Last year, I felt challenged to be more intentional about celebrating each of my family members—regardless of where they were spiritually—just as intentionally as I share my faith.  […]

By Titania Paige

Create Family Awards This Christmas

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14   As I walked into the room, I found my two-year-old daughter sitting on top of the washing machine. She was liberally applying a tube of lipstick, dug from out […]

By Linda Green

Growing Childlike Faith

Do you ever wish you could go deeper in your daily Bible reading? Do you wish you could see the things that your pastor or the woman Bible teacher you admire draws out? Even though I studied the Bible in college and spent two decades reading my Bible regularly, I felt like I was missing […]

Bible Study Tip: Trace a Biblical Theme

By Lauren Washer

You walk into the kitchen rubbing your eyes, realizing that 6:00 a.m. sounded a lot better last night when you planned your early morning. You make a cup of coffee and grab a cozy blanket. After all, that’s what you’ve seen those women on Instagram do. Monday seemed like a good day to begin your […]

By Joanna Kimbrel

5 Bible Study Tips for Beginners

A friend and I squeezed in one precious hour together the week after Christmas last year. They had gotten a bouncy house that fit perfectly in their garage—an ideal gift for all our energetic children. While the big ones bounced and the babies snacked, my friend and I dove deep. What have you been reflecting […]

By Lauren Weir

God’s Word Won’t Leave You Stuck

I recently saw a smartphone hack for reducing the number of unnecessary photos stored on your phone. In just five minutes a day, you can search the day’s date in your photo app and delete all unwanted pictures taken on the same date in previous years. It’s a quick daily practice that frees up lots […]

Little Moments of Scripture Memorization Add Up

By Glenna Marshall

The Bible is anything but boring. The first time I read through it chronologically, I found myself in awe of God’s work of redemption. It strengthened my faith, sparked my passion, and stirred in me a desire to share the hope of the gospel.  I’ll never forget the moment I finished reading the Old Testament […]

By Well-Watered Women

In the Word in Every Season

Nothing prepared me for the shock of that day in the exam room and the sting of the words, “No heartbeat detected.” In that moment, my husband and I went from overjoyed to utter anguish. We thought our prayers had been answered after years of infertility. But just as quickly as God gave, I was […]

By Stephanie Armstrong

When Suffering Becomes Your Reality

A Note from Gretchen I’ve walked through the valley of burnout and thought my purpose would never reignite.  I’ve trudged through the darkness of depression and thought my joy would never return.  I’ve wrestled with unrelenting anxiety and thought I would never be able to walk in obedience to God’s calling again. But recently, God […]

Our October Coffee Date

By Well-Watered Women

When I started my journey as a Christian reader, I was hungry to know God, and Christian nonfiction was my meal of choice. I devoured books voraciously during that season. But I didn’t realize the books I was reading were incapable of satisfying my hunger. They were hyped up on sugary, me-centric content with little […]

By Brandi Davis

Becoming a Discerning Christian Reader

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