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Dear Sister, Does it ever feel like the kingdom of this world is falling apart at the seams? Leaders you once trusted are exposed for moral failures, unexpected cancer diagnoses are given, the stock market crashes and so does your bank account, an unpredictable storm ravages homes and lives, the betrayal of a loved one […]

By Well-Watered Women

Introducing Crown Him King

It’s likely you’ve heard or read some of the shinier parts of Romans, those straightforward verses that carry the truth of the gospel with clarity. Verses like, “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom. 5:8). Or, “For the wages of sin is death, […]

By Well-Watered Women

Walk in Grace Romans Launch

[Editor’s Note: We are so sorry if you’ve experienced the loss of a child. We pray that you will find encouragement for your marriage through this article and experience hope in your hurt through this article written by Gretchen, our founder, about her miscarriage.] I never know how to start an article on miscarriage, because it […]

Miscarriage and Marriage: Walking Beside Your Husband in His Grief

By Eric Schumacher

Recently, my friend Dee called me. Several years had passed since I saw her last. Hearing her voice after so long filled me with delight as it reminded me of my previous local church. On the outside, we couldn’t be more different than one another—her life was completely opposite from mine. She’s an older white […]

By Neidy Hess

Unlikely Friends and the Hard Moments of Life

Summer is special—long, sunny days, beach trips, trees dressed in green, hikes as the sun scorches our skin, and joyful gatherings with friends under starry skies. The Lord designed each season with unique opportunities to know him better. Summer is a chance to experience joy, refreshment, and his glory in the beauty of creation. Don’t […]

By Fernie Cosgrove

Six Summer Rest Strategies

My Sunday mornings rarely look like breakfast in bed and peaceful drives to church. More often than I’d like to admit, I stumble into church ten minutes late, flustered from trying to find that one missing shoe and hurrying everyone out the door. During the worship service, a flood of distractions fight for my attention—the […]

Five Ways to Prepare for Sunday Worship

By Joanna Kimbrel

“It seems like you probably have OCD.” Her words, so calm and casual, pierced my heart. For a while, as I learned more about OCD beyond its cultural stereotypes, I wondered if this was another aspect of my anxiety disorder. But as I heard the words come from my own psychiatrist, the possibility became a […]

By Lara d'Entremont

Supporting a Loved One With a Mental Illness

Have you ever felt left out? Excluded? Maybe even abandoned? Whether it’s a childhood best friend who suddenly dumped you, a high school romance that went awry, a parent who walked out, or a husband who broke his vows, most of us have experienced some form of abandonment. And in that moment, it can feel […]

By Asheritah Ciuciu

Praying the Psalms When You Feel Abandoned

A SHEPHERD-LESS SHEEP For five years, a single sheep survived alone in an Australian forest. He had almost 80 pounds of dirty, overgrown fleece hanging on his slight frame and covering his eyes. He resembled a giant boulder. No one knew how he survived on his own, but his unbearable burden lifted as rescuers sheared […]

Before Us, Beside Us, and Behind Us

By Beverly Chao Berrus

With signs of summer all around, another shift in seasons is before us. And whether we are finishing a semester of school, helping our family transition to summer schedules, or simply readying our closets with flip-flops and swimsuits, change is upon us. While summer typically brings a rush of graduation parties, weddings, and showers—celebrations meant […]

By Ann Swindell

Embrace the Summer Shift


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