What If?

September 16, 2014  - By Gretchen Saffles

Amy Carmichael, missionary to India, wrote a short, powerful book called “If.” I recently read it along with my quiet time and ended the book with one more question in mind: What If? Throughout her book Amy Carmichael lists “If” statements that lead us back to the depth and richness of calvary love. I keep asking myself, what would our lives look like if we really did what Christ told us to?
What if we walked on water, trusting God to keep us above the waves and do the impossible?

What if we cared for the orphan and the widow, no matter the cost?

What if we got on our knees everyday and interceded for others?

What if we listened more and talked less?

What if we filled our minds with Scripture and words of life instead of fruitless words from social media?

What if we used our area of influence to further the gospel instead of furthering ourselves?

What if we didn’t judge or criticize one another, but rather filled each other with life-giving words?

What if we didn’t compare ourselves with one another but stayed focused on what God has called us to do?

What if we lived with eternity as our home and we are simply sojourners passing through this world?

What if we gave more than we received?

What if I went to the throne of grace before I went to others with my problems?

What if we did hard things joyfully and for Christ?

What if we didn’t fear failure and embraced our weaknesses?

What if we did the small things with purpose?

What if we ate, drank, slept, talked, laughed, traveled, dreamed, purchased, gave, learned and sang to the glory of God?

What if we loved fervently and covered the sins of others?

What if we extended grace instead of requiring forgiveness?

What if we outdid each other with honor?

What if we worshipped every moment and not just Sunday mornings?

What if we died daily to ourselves to live to Christ?

What if we preached the Gospel unashamedly?

What if we encouraged one another while it is still called Today?

What if we never complained?

What if we replaced worry with joyful trust and belief in Christ?

What if we lived like Jesus called us to?

These are the questions I keep asking myself. What if? I want these what if’s to become a reality. What if we encouraged one another to be like Christ? I’m in. Join me, sister.


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  1. I am with you. xo beautiful post.

  2. Cpearls94@yahoo.com says:

    I love this. So encouraging.

  3. Landkswanson@gmail.com says:

    So sorry to see your etsy store is closed and I cannot belatedly order a journal…. Had to wait for payday. 🙁

  4. Gretchen – Your heart is extremely beautiful! The questions you pose and thoughts you share are heart-stirring.

  5. the.music.girl93@gmail.com says:

    This is so encouraging to read! I yearn to walk this way before God and I am so blessed that there are others with the same heart.

  6. aprilweed@outlook.com says:

    I am going back and reading some of your earlier posts. My heart has been burdened like yours to help women see the joy of Christ in everyday. I want to be able to teach other women to share their joys, struggles, excitement and prayers with other women. I live in an area where most of the women seem to bottle it in and stay to themselves.

    I was reading your posts on journaling because one – I believe it to be a lost art, and two – I believe that in order to help other women I need to understand how to turn off the noise and listen to the truth as well. How did you learn or teach yourself to put the truth of your emotion down on a journal page rather than what you think you ought to write if someone were to find your journal…does that make sense? Also, without it sounding like a 13 year old girl?

    • gretchen@lifelivedbeautifully.com says:

      Hey April! I am so grateful you wrote me with this question! I started journaling when I was in middle school…so I really did sound like a 13 year old girl! It is so interesting to look back and see how God has grown me and changed me during throughout the years. I was challenged by my Bible teacher during those years to keep a journal and he would give us prompts/questions to answer each week (I went to a Christian school). These years were really formative for me in learning HOW to write truth and seek for it in the Word. I have also learned from many "mentors" like Nancy Leigh Wolgumeth from Revive Our Hearts, Jen Wilkin, Elisabeth Elliot, and Leslie Ludy. When I journal I write prayers with Scripture and study the Word. It is always both/and together. I hope this helps a little!

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