What if being still is less about us regaining focus and more about praising God? What if we are called to draw near in order that He would receive the glory – not just for our hearts to receive the peace?

By Rachael Milner

Be Still and Praise

Your weaknesses, your planner, your family, your mundane moments, and your feelings were all meant to be arrows that point us to our Savior Who is everything that we need. 


By Gretchen Saffles

Seven Arrows Pointing You to “Be Still & Know”

God planted a seed in my heart in January.

A seed to know Him and make Him known.A tiny seed to He began to water each day as I came to Him in His Word, hungry to know truth and to be set free from the ways of this world. As He has watered the seed, He has changed me in the process. The vision of Life Lived Beautifully is not to be a business, but to be a ministry that meets women right where they are everyday with the truth and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well-Watered Women Grow

By Gretchen Saffles

It is with great joy that I am able to share the new Life Lived Beautifully Christmas Collection! Each product has been intentionally designed and created to point your heart to Christ. I don’t believe that we have to have beautiful journals in our homes to know Jesus, but I pray that the Lord uses the […]

By Well-Watered Women

Christmas Collection

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