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November 20, 2014  - By Well-Watered Women

It is with great joy that I am able to share the new Life Lived Beautifully Christmas Collection! Each product has been intentionally designed and created to point your heart to Christ. I don’t believe that we have to have beautiful journals in our homes to know Jesus, but I pray that the Lord uses the energy I’ve poured into them and the art I created for them to bring Him much glory! I want to share with you the purpose behind the new journals this morning, and will be expanding even more on them in the next week! Without further adieu, I present to you the new Christmas Collection:

Give Me Jesus Journal

The Give Me Jesus journals are back in stock with two cover options as well as a 40-day and 90-day version. Click here to read more about the Give Me Jesus Journal!

Give Me Jesus Journal_LLB

The Live Life Beautifully Journal

I have been anxious to share the purpose behind this new journal. It is a 52-week journal that is intentionally designed to encourage you to follow Christ throughout the next year, living adventurously and with purpose, praying with deep faith and conviction, looking for ways to serve others and serve Christ, and being aware of what God is constantly doing around you. Simply put, it is an encouragement to live like Christ and pursue Him as well as a record of the things He does in your life. Below I will break down the insides of the journal with a few pictures:

Live Life Beautifully_LLB Live Life Beautifully_LLB Live Life Beautifully_LLB The beginning of the journal takes you on a journey of writing out your story and defining your mission statement. Each question has been crafted to help guide you and direct you to know where God has skilled you and what He has called you to do.

Live Life Beautifully_LLB

After you’ve created your own “life lived beautifully” mission statement, there is a series of pages for you to fill out on things you will try/do/believe for in the next year. This was based off of Jay Strack’s quote –

“You will be the same person ten years from now except for the books you read, the places you go, the people you meet, and the scripture you memorize.”

A few of these sections include: books I will read this year, places I will go, relationships I will invest in, salvations I will pray for, Scripture I will memorize, and adventures I will have.

Live Life Beautifully_LLB

The following pages are the weekly portions you will fill out. Each week of the year, you will use this journal to write down and record ways you will “live life beautifully”, what God is doing, unexpected blessings and answered prayers. This journal will be an accountability, encouragement, and record of the incredible ways God works in our day to day. At the end of the year, there are recap questions and places to write down what you learned. My prayer is that this journal becomes a book of praise for us to see what God is doing and live faithfully to the mission of sharing the gospel!

There will also be a private Facebook group that you will be invited to join that will serve as an encouragement group. I will update it throughout the year with videos and encouragements. It will be a community of women who are seeking to follow Christ fully everyday. You can purchase the journals here.

Be Still and Know Coffee Mug

The Be Still and Know mug was hand-lettered by my dear friend Mandy England. I’ve dreamed of creating a coffee mug that would point us to Christ instead of finding our strength in something like caffeine or doing things. I pray this mug is a reminder and an encouragement to you!

Romans Memorization Study

I am so excited about the new memorization studies. This is the first in a series of Bible studies that are designed to help us study God’s Word AND memorize it. As you go through this journal, you will be challenged to memorize each verse of Romans 12:9-21 and let it sink deep into your heart. You can purchase the study by itself or with Scripture memory cards. In Psalm 119, we are told to “hide” God’s Word in our heart. This series is an encouragement to do just that. I hope to make several more that we can use to memorize, study, and live by the grace of God.

Romans_LLB Romans_LLB

Scripture Memory Cards

Lastly, I’ve been dreaming of making Scripture memory cards for months. These cards are created to help you memorize, keep you accountable to meditate on God’s Word, and encourage you to live it out. You simply write the reference on the outside of the card and on the inside of the card write the verse under the “recite” section. The section on the bottom left is “repeat” – for you to tally/mark how many times you say it throughout the week. The section on the bottom right is “remember” – for you to write down notes of what God is saying to you through the verse. The cards fold in half and can stand on a desk as a reminder to you of the verse.

Life Lived Beautifully Life Lived Beautifully

I hope you enjoy the new Christmas collection and are encouraged to follow Christ even as you browse through the shop!

Have a beautiful day!

your sister,


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