Introducing the Unshaken Collection

April 20, 2022  - By Well-Watered Women

Introducing the Unshaken Collection–An Article by Well-Watered Women

[Editor’s Note: The following article addresses the topic of anxiety and panic. This article is not meant to replace seeking help and wisdom from your local church along with professional medical care. Our encouragement is for you to seek counsel from your local pastor, a wise mentor in your church, a licensed counselor, and/or a medical professional.]

Every limb in my body was shaking uncontrollably. My breath felt forced and hollow. An irregular pounding sensation dominated my chest. Darkness clouded my vision with the tears I tried to hold back. 

Anxiety, fear, and dread were my constant and unwanted companions. I was shaken, afraid, preoccupied, restless, and panicked. I tried everything to overpower these feelings and numb the voice inside my head—I ran until my body gave out, I quit caffeine, and I listened to audiobooks at 2x speed. 

The voice inside my head filled me with lies: You are not good enough. You’re not loveable. You failed again. Your faith isn’t strong enough—if it was, you wouldn’t feel this way. If you show who you are, no one will like you. You can’t approach God in this condition. No one will understand how you feel. 

Fight Lies with Truth

In the middle of this dark season, the Word of God became my anchor. If the lies in my head filled me with dread, then I needed to fight them with the truth of who God is through the Bible. 

At first, I had a hard time concentrating when reading the Word. Every time I sat down, doubts, fears, and anxieties filled my mind. I couldn’t sit still, so I started listening to the Word wherever I went. As I heard the stories about who God is—pointing me to his unfailing character, sovereignty, faithfulness, mercy and compassion, and steadfast love—I found my faith strengthening (Rom. 10:17). In the presence of the almighty God, the grip of my fear began to loosen.

Then I began writing the letters of the New Testament word by word. With every word I copied, the Scriptures took on a new meaning in my life. They became alive like never before, and the truth of these words soaked deep into my heart and mind. I experienced that the Word of God is indeed “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Heb. 4:12). 

Through this process, I was able to respond to Jesus’ invitation to come, weary and burdened, and receive his rest (Matt. 11:28–30). Sister, if you struggle with fear or anxiety, my prayer is that the truth of who God is, revealed to us in his Word, becomes your firm and unshaken foundation in moments of need.


Trusting in God’s unshakable promises,



To help you process fear and anxiety through the truth of God’s Word, check out the new resources in our Unshaken Collection.

Well Watered Women 2022

What's in the new Unshaken Collection?

This collection includes an updated and re-designed Unshaken Faith Journal, all-new Unshaken Interactive Prayer Cards, and all-new Unshaken Courage Cards for Kids!

How do I use the Unshaken Faith Journal?

This journal helps you pray through fear and anxiety in the rhythm displayed in Psalm 55. First, begin your journaling time by confessing, "God, you are           ." When we proclaim who God is, our weary hearts remember his faithfulness, goodness, and mercy to us in our time of need. Next, there’s space to confess what’s on your heart, surrender your burdens, and preach truth to yourself. Finally, conclude in prayer, praising God, clinging to his promises, and placing your trust in him.

Well Watered Women 2022
Well Watered Women 2022

How is the new journal different from the old version?

The journal has a beautiful new design and new devotionals throughout. Additionally, we’ve added an Attributes of God appendix to the end of the journal to assist you in filling in the “God, you are           " section of the journaling page. We know that in the wake of anxiety, it can be difficult to recall the truths we know of our God. This list of God's attributes and Scripture references where we see these characteristics on display is meant to help you remember these truths about him.

Is this a devotional or a journal?

Our Unshaken Faith Journal is, first and foremost, a journal for your written prayers during seasons and moments of fear and anxiety. However, it also contains seven devotionals scattered throughout the journal. These devotionals speak to the very topics you'll come to this journal to pray through.

Well Watered Women 2022

How do I use the Unshaken Interactive Prayer Cards?

The prayer cards prompt you to pray through the attributes of God using Scripture and a prayer we've provided. Additionally, there is space for you to write your own prayer related to the attribute each card highlights, helping you meditate on the truth of who God is.

What age are the Unshaken Courage Cards for Kids meant for, and what content do they include?

These are for kids of all ages and are a means to encourage the fearful hearts of children in your life with the unshakable truth of God's Word. Each card features a Scripture related to anxiety, fear, or worry and a solid, simple truth drawn out from the Word. Younger kids will benefit from having you read the card to them. Little readers will find flipping through these cards to be a comfort when fear arises. Women on our team are also using these kids cards for encouragement in the midst of fear.

Well Watered Women 2022
Well Watered Women 2022

Do you offer bulk discounts for groups?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts depending on the size of the group. To inquire, email us at

Will there be any discounts or promotions available?

Today through Friday, April 22 at 11:59 pm ET, each purchase of the journal will include a free set of Unshaken Interactive Prayer Cards or Unshaken Courage Cards for Kids—your choice! Simply add the journal and your desired card set to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically at check out. 

Well Watered Women 2022
Well Watered Women 2022

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