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August 1, 2022  - By Well-Watered Women


Dear Sister,

Does it ever feel like the kingdom of this world is falling apart at the seams? Leaders you once trusted are exposed for moral failures, unexpected cancer diagnoses are given, the stock market crashes and so does your bank account, an unpredictable storm ravages homes and lives, the betrayal of a loved one shatters your trust—and you’re left in a haze of grief and uncertainty wondering, Is God still in control? 

You may have grown up in church singing hymns about the strength and hope we have in God, or you may have grown up believing God is nonexistent, unloving, or uninvolved in the lives of his people and the state of this world. The struggles of your heart against sin may leave you feeling utterly defeated, wondering if you truly have any place in his kingdom. No matter your background, what you believe about God and his kingdom and the kingdom of this world shapes how you live, causing you to either follow the ways of the Servant King or succumb to the perishable ways of this world. 

God is Still King

Defining and identifying the kingdom of God from Genesis to Revelation has shown me that God does indeed have a much bigger plan for these days we live on earth. Though we live in a fallen world that is ravaged by sin, God is still King, and one day his power will destroy sin and he will eternally rule over his people in his place. This truth impacts everything, from the thoughts of our hearts to the actions of our hands. 

The kingdom of God is both a comfort and a conviction to the people of God. We’re comforted as we look to our sovereign, almighty King, and we’re convicted as we repent of our sins and submit to his reign. May we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, believing with full assurance that his kingdom is forever.


Crowning him King of kings,

Gretchen Saffles
Founder and author of Crown Him King


P.S. Find the new Crown Him King Collection in the Well-Watered Co. today! It’s available for preorder now through Sunday, August 14 (or while supplies last). Find all the answers to your frequently asked questions about the new collection here!


What's in the Crown Him King Collection?

In addition to Crown Him King, this collection includes our Crown Him King Verse Cards, the Well-Watered Kids Crown Him King Card Game, and a beautiful Crown Him King Bookmark.  Bundle these items together to save!

What is this study about? What book of the Bible
does it cover?

The study covers the concept of the kingdom of God as it unfolds throughout all of Scripture. You’ll study and trace the kingdom from selected passages from Genesis 1 all the way through Revelation 22. Like an unbreakable chain, this framework helps us understand who God is, who we are, and what his eternal purposes are as revealed to us in both the Old and New Testaments. 

How long is the study?

This study is seven weeks long. Each week includes five days of study plus a weekend reflection. 


Can I do this study with a group?

Yes! We have a free downloadable leader guide available for you to use to study with women in your local community. The leader guide walks you through how to facilitate discussion each week. There is also a weekly memory verse your group could memorize together.

Will we be going through the study in the Facebook Community Group?

Yes! We’d love for you to join us in the Facebook Community Group. We’ll start reading together the week of September 26!


Why should I get the Crown Him King Verse Cards?

The verse card set perfectly accompanies the study! The cards correspond to the weekly memory verse so you can use them to help you stay on track with your Scripture memory goals and keep God’s Word fresh on your mind throughout the day. 

What do the symbols on the bookmark mean?

The bookmark symbols correspond with the symbols you'll find inside the study. They instruct you to engage in daily prayer and application and weekly reflection and help you remember and track the three components of the kingdom of God—the King's power, the King's people, and the King's place. Use the bookmark to keep your place in your study or Bible, remind you of what the symbols mean, and help you trace the components of the kingdom of God throughout Scripture.


What content do the kids cards cover?

These cards teach kids the concepts you’ll be learning in the women’s study at an age-appropriate level, simply by playing either Memory or Go Fish! Each pair of cards includes a Bible verse and a question to help understand or apply that verse, so every time someone makes a match, you have the opportunity to learn about God’s kingdom together.

Are there instructions for how to play the kids
card games?

Yes, each set of cards comes with two instructional cards that explain how to use the set to play Memory or Go Fish.

How do I use the kids cards alongside the study?

Each card includes teaching on the same themes you’ll be learning about in the study. As you work through your study, find time to play these card games with your children to learn about God’s kingdom together!

Well Watered Women 2022

Do I have to do the Crown Him King study to use
the kids cards?

These cards can work as a stand-alone product. However, they’re designed to help women share with their children from the overflow of what they’re learning in the study.

Will I need anything else to play the kids card games?

All Bible verses are included on the cards, so all you need is the card set.

What age are the kids cards meant for?

You can use these cards with kids as young as preschool-aged (with a parent’s help facilitating matches and discussion), or kids in elementary school can play on their own. With both versions of the game, you can customize it for your family by adjusting how much content is read each turn. You can read every card, some cards, or just match the symbols.


Are there any discounts or promotions available?

Yes! Today through Sunday, August 14 (or while supplies last), automatically save 10% on Crown Him King and receive a free bookmark with each study. Or, save 20% automatically by shopping the Crown Him King Bundle or Crown Him King Family Bundle! The Crown Him King Bundle includes the study, verse cards, and a free bookmark, and the Crown Him King Family Bundle includes the study, verse cards, kids card game, and a free bookmark. 

What happens if I miss preorders but want to order from the Crown Him King Collection?

After August 14, the study may still be available as a preorder only, as long as quantities are still available. But, you will miss the discount and free bookmark.

When will I receive my preorder items?

When you preorder by August 14, your Crown Him King Collection items will ship by the end of the month.

If I order other items with my preorder, when will they ship?

If your order includes both in-stock and preorder items, your ENTIRE order will ship together when the preorder item(s) arrive in stock. So, if you need in-stock items soon, please place a separate order for those items.

When will I be charged for my order?

Your payment will be processed when you place your order. 

Do you ship internationally?

We do! However, due to current global shipping disruptions, we cannot guarantee shipping time for international orders.

Do you offer bulk discounts for groups?

We do! If you’re interested in ordering studies for a group of 10+, please email us at 

Well Watered Women 2022

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  1. Shannon Leggett says:

    Are there plans for any videos to go
    Along with the new study?

  2. Liz Othon says:

    I miss the videos along with the bible studies. I really looked forward to watching.

    • Hi Liz! Our team is currently in a season when all our teachers are busy with new babies, so it’s difficult to sit down and film teaching videos. 🙂 BUT! We hope to do more teaching videos in the future to accompany our studies. We’re so glad you’ve liked them in the past and look forward to when we can provide them down the road!

  3. Jaime says:

    What if you don’t have Facebook?

    • Hi, friend! Facebook is where we will be going through the study as a community group, so if you’d like you could create a page only for participation in the study!

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