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May 23, 2022  - By Well-Watered Women


The Heart Behind the Collection

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I’m not good at being alone. Introverts, please don’t roll your eyes in disgust and quit reading. You are welcome here, reading an article written by a woman who sits alone in her home most days and types at her computer, all while longing to be near to her coworkers scattered across the country.

The world would probably say this isn’t healthy of me, this sadness at being on my own. In the Western world, we value independence and self-care and self-sufficiency. Yet every time I log off a meeting with one of my coworkers, I feel desperately the truth of God’s statement about man: “It is not good that [he] should be alone” (Gen. 2:18).

Instead of the interdependence God created in the garden, our culture values the individual self above all else. So it’s not surprising that in a world where the individual is supreme, all truth is eventually lost. Culture tells us to make our own truth, to determine our self-identity, that to be in a healthy relationship we have to be happy being alone.

The world has thrown the foundational truths of Scripture out the window. We see its effects everywhere. People consider the church archaic and backward and hateful so they worship at the altar of self or politics or identity. Society has demeaned and discarded marriage. The lie that we can create truth only leads to hopelessness when that shifting hope fails. These are the painful results that occur when a society discards God’s Word as the standard of truth.

But Christians do not have to live in this darkness. 

  • Instead of figuring everything out on our own, we have the wisdom of God.
  • Instead of building theology on our own, we are part of a church tradition.
  • Instead of saving ourselves by our own power, we have the gospel—by grace alone and Christ alone through faith alone.
  • Instead of making up truth on our own, we have the Word of God.
  • Instead of doing life on our own, we have fellowship with a body of believers.
  • Instead of living for our own glory, we have the joy of living for God’s.

But the world invites us to forget, to wander, to lean into self-reliance. So we must remind ourselves of God’s truth by preaching the gospel to ourselves. Yet how can we preach something we don’t know? We need God’s Word sunk into the very marrow of our being so that it informs our lives.

In Acts 17:10–11, the Jews in Berea are described as noble because “they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” Mature Christians do not believe a theological concept because it’s what they’ve always been taught by people they trust. They search the Scriptures to see if the teaching lines up with the truth of God’s Word. Sister, if you want to learn to preach the gospel to yourself, you have to know God’s Word inside, upside, outside, and downside, for yourself first and also within the greater context of the historical church and Christian fellowship. 

In God’s Word alone,



To help you stay rooted in truth, check out the new resources in our Grounded in the Gospel Collection.


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What's in the new Grounded in the Gospel Collection?

The new collection includes the Grounded in the Gospel Workbook, Well-Watered Kids Grounded in the Gospel Workbook, Grounded in the Gospel Verse Card Set, and Rooted in Truth Hat.

What content does the Grounded in the Gospel Workbook cover?

This workbook helps you dig into the Bible to understand the basics of the gospel. It uses the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, confession, worship, and memorization to help God’s Word travel from your head to your heart, creating opportunities for Spirit-led life transformation.

How is the Grounded in the Gospel Workbook formatted?

The workbook will guide you in studying thirteen theological concepts using the historic doctrines of the five solas as a framework for understanding the gospel. Don’t know anything about the five solas? You’ll read a short introduction and then, by studying Scripture for yourself, come to a robust understanding of why these historical doctrines have stood the test of time as a way for clearly understanding the different facets of the gospel. As you study each theological concept, you'll work through five sections based on spiritual disciplines—Truth Defined, Truth Understood, Truth Applied, Worship God in Truth, and Remember Truth. 

How is it different from a typical Well-Watered Women Bible study?

This workbook focuses on guiding you through Scripture to make conclusions for yourself instead of teaching you about a specific topic or book of the Bible. It's divided into sections rather than days, so there's flexibility in how you use it. You could decide to tackle one sola each week for a simple five-week study on the gospel. Or, you could use this workbook on top of your regular Bible study. Maybe you decide to set time aside each Sunday to complete a section or two at your own pace or to use this workbook as an opportunity to dig into God’s Word in the evening before you go to bed. However you use it, commit to digging deeply and considering each verse instead of flying through to check something off your list.

Is this workbook only for new Christians?

Not at all! The Grounded in the Gospel Workbook is for new Christians and long-time believers alike. At Well-Watered Women, we believe that the gospel is what saves us and continues to change and sustain us. We never graduate from the gospel, so we must continue digging deep into gospel truth and preaching the gospel to ourselves daily.

Well Watered Women 2022
Well Watered Women 2022
Well Watered Women 2022
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What age range is the Well-Watered Kids Grounded in the Gospel Workbook for?

The Well-Watered Kids Grounded in the Gospel Workbook is for elementary-aged kids. The workbook offers them big theological truths to grow into. Its playful activities demonstrate the basics of how to study the Bible in a kid-friendly and engaging format.

What content does the Well-Watered Kids Grounded in the Gospel Workbook cover? 

Just like the adult workbook, this workbook walks your child through the historic doctrines of the five solas as a framework for understanding the gospel. It breaks the five solas down into several concepts that your child will study by reading their Bible, answering questions, and completing fun activities. Your child will work through four sections as they study each concept:

  • Truth Understood: a time of reading, studying, and understanding Scripture.
  • Worship God in Truth: a space to slow down and thank the Lord for his goodness.
  • Truth Defined and Applied: a time to review the concept and complete application questions from the previous pages.
  • Remember Truth: a section of activities designed to commit God’s Word to memory. There are fourteen memory verses throughout this workbook.

Do I need to have the Grounded in the Gospel Workbook for women in order for my child to use the Well-Watered Kids Grounded in the Gospel Workbook?

While your child could use the kids’ workbook on their own, we designed it for family discipleship. Together, these workbooks work in tandem for moms and children to cultivate gospel conversations in the home. Our hope is that these workbooks help you and your children love God, his Word, and the gospel more as you study together!

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Well Watered Women 2022
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How are the Grounded in the Gospel verse cards formatted?

Each 4x6 verse card beautifully displays a key gospel verse on the front. On the back, they prompt you to recall the Scripture with the first letter of each word. Each verse card pairs with a section of the Grounded in the Gospel Workbook. Keep these beautiful verse cards with you as you go throughout your day to help you continue to meditate on the verse you’re memorizing.

Do you offer bulk discounts for groups?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts depending on the size of the group. To inquire, email us at

Are there any discounts or promotions available?

Yes, when you pre-order the Grounded in the Gospel Workbook or the Well-Watered Kids Grounded in the Gospel Workbook between today and May 27, you will receive an automatic 10% discount on the workbook and a FREE Rooted in Truth Magnet (one per order). Plus, save 20% automatically when you bundle! The Grounded in the Gospel Bundle includes the workbook and verse card set. The Grounded in the Gospel Family Bundle includes the adult workbook, verse card set, and one, two, three, or four kids’ workbooks based on your family’s needs.

When will I receive my pre-order items?

When you pre-order by May 27, your order will arrive in mid-June. Your entire order will ship together.

What happens if I miss pre-orders but want to order the workbooks? 

You can still order the workbooks as long as quantities are available, but you will miss the discount and the free magnet.

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Well Watered Women 2022

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