Give Me Jesus Plus Nothing

November 8, 2017  - By Rachael Milner

Give Me Jesus…

Friends, we cannot fully explain the joy and excitement behind this particular launch because it would take us far too long! If we could sit down over a cup of coffee this morning, we would share our heart behind these products. We would tell you that this journal has been a work in progress for so many months, and there have been countless prayers said for the women who would hold them in their hands.

But we know that the journal itself is not what matters most—it’s the powerful Word of God that you hold in your hands and read every single day. The Bible is not just a book made to sit pretty on your shelf, it’s a living and active, powerful, life-giving love letter from God to His children. The Give Me Jesus journal and the tools in this collection are simply that—tools to help you dig deep into those life-giving Words of Scripture.

…Plus Nothing

We want to be careful not to add the Gospel. We know that the Word of God is sufficient and good, and needs nothing to be complete. Our prayer behind every single tool or resource you find in the Well-Watered Shop is that it would just be another way for you to feel equipped, prepared and confident to come to the Lord with an eager heart and open hands. We do not want to add anything to the Bible, we are simply equipping you to be women of the Word!

The Give Me Jesus Journal

This hard cover, spiral-bound journal is a 90-day quiet time journal. Each day is made of three pages to journal as you dig into Scripture and pray for your day. The structure has been updated to help give you guidance in your quiet time, but leaves flexibility and allows you to use the structure with any passage of Scripture you are studying. You’ll find a heart check section at the beginning and end of the journal, as well as three heavy-duty tab pages that section off the journal: Journal the Word, Prayer and Praise and Jot It Down for note taking.

Here’s what women are saying about the Give Me Jesus Journal:

“I discovered the Give Me Jesus Journal at a very difficult time in my life. I found myself desperately wishing for a new season to come. I found no joy in the current place I was in. The “I’m thankful for” section was a game changer for me. It made me stop and reflect on that fact that I had many blessings in my life. It reminded me that there is much to be thankful for in the mundane seasons and even in the difficult seasons of life. I found myself truly stopping to reflect on what I was thankful for that day. It gave me a fresh perspective that each day was a gift from God and there was beautiful life in every season. Each section of the journal has purpose to help you be intentional with your quiet time. This journal is my favorite!!” Casey Porter

“I have been blessed this year to be a part of the amazing Well-Watered Women ambassador team. God has been doing glorious things in this ministry and a huge part for me has been the Give me Jesus journal. The journal has changed my quiet time and how I study the word in a very powerful way. I have been able to dig into the word with simplicity and direction so that I can focus on truth from scripture. I love that as I am praying, journaling, studying, reflecting, and getting still there are specific areas to guide me in my time with the Lord. The give me Jesus journal keeps me rooted to stand in His word daily!” -Jennifer Edewaard

“I have been using the Give Me Jesus Journal ever since Gretchen came out with her first version. While I’ve used a variety of journals, notebooks, and other tools through the years, the GMJ journal has been my absolute favorite. It provides enough framework to give me focus without boxing me in. I’ve used it to go through most books of the Bible (some twice) in both the 40 and 90 day formats. I’ve had some wonderful insights from the Holy Spirit during my quiet time and I love having a good place to record that. Sometimes I use all of the sections as intended, at other times, I might just jot down a few verses or thoughts, and then there are times I use it in a completely different way than intended. But God is always faithful to meet me in His word and through my journal. When I complete a journal, I write the books of the Bible that I’ve gone through on the top right of the front cover in Sharpie for future reference. It’s such blessing the way my journals encourage me even after they’re full as I go back and re-read what God has done and said in my life.” -Dianne Godwin

Give Me Jesus Highlighters, Pen and Sticker Sets

To go along with our brand new journals, we’ve got a handful of other resources for you! New sticker sets are perfect for adding to your journal or Bible pages to highlight important things you want to remember. Our highlighters are so colorful and go on like a gel-based wax instead of like a marker. They won’t bleed through your pages, and the thin shape makes them easy to take with you on the go. The Jesus Plus Nothing pen is one of our favorite pens to write with! This navy and white pen with silver lapel has black (refillable) ink and we know you’ll love using it to jot down notes in your new journal.

Jesus Plus Nothing Mug and Shirt

We wanted to create a reminder for your wardrobe and to hold in your hands that all you need is Jesus…plus nothing! Not Jesus plus coffee, not Jesus plus a perfectly styled home, just Jesus. He is the only thing in this world that could ever satisfy our hearts, and we want to be careful to keep Him where He belongs—above all. He is not on the same level as the simple pleasures we enjoy throughout the day—He is holy and perfect and altogether lovely. That’s the heart behind this shirt and mug, to serve as a reminder that Christ is enough!

This long-sleeve tee-shirt is a unisex fit and runs big—perfect for fall and winter to keep you comfy and cozy. This style runs a little larger and is intended to be a looser fit. The sturdy campfire mug is durable and heavy, ready to be used every morning. It features a speckled glaze and a black halo around the rim. 

How to Study the Bible Booklet and Bookmark

When it comes to studying the Bible, it’s one thing to know how important Scripture is, but it’s another knowing how to actually dig in and start studying! When we open up to a passage of Scripture, we can feel overwhelmed if we aren’t prepared. That’s the purpose of this small booklet we’ve created—it’s a tool you can keep with you, tucked in your Bible, always nearby as you’re learning to study the Bible.

This short, 10-page booklet walks you through different ways to study Scripture, as well as covers the basics like how many books of the Bible there are, what order they come in, and how they’re divided. It’s a simple tool but we hope it serves as a starting point and helps you feel confident coming to the pages of the Bible. The Word of God is alive and active, and we are truly missing out on one of the primary ways God speaks to us as His children if we aren’t spending time in the pages of Scripture every single day. 

The bookmark has some helpful steps on the back that give you a guide to your Bible study and it can stay tucked in your Bible every day. We hope this is a simple blessing to you as you come to the Word each time! It will be included with the first 500 journals ordered! {UPDATE!! We have already surpassed the 500 mark and all our promo bookmarks are gone. The How to Study the Bible booklet is a great alternative!}

Brand New Art Prints and Canvases

We are so excited to share a handful of new art prints and canvases for your heart and home. These prints are full of color, truth and the daily reminder of God’s goodness. Put them in your home, share with a friend, or give one as a gift this Christmas.

Shop the Abide art print, Redefined Manifesto art print, Give Me Jesus Plus Nothing art print, and Isaiah 9:6 art print here! Many of our art prints can also be ordered as a gallery wrap canvas, and we promise you’ll love the quality of these beautiful prints!

Advent Studies and Post Card Sets

If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order your Advent Study, don’t worry! We have a limited quantity available for purchase today. Every person who pre-ordered the study will also receive three free postcards to send this Christmas, but if you need more, we’ve got you covered! We’re offering postcard sets of 12 cards, 4 of each design, that are perfect for this Christmas season. Mail one to a friend, tuck one in with some cookies on your neighbor’s doorstep, or leave one on your co-workers desk at lunch. 

If you want to know more about our Advent Study, you can read about that here and hear the heart behind this unique narrative story and Advent experience. We’ll begin studying He Is: Experiencing the Power of Jesus’ Name together as a community on December 1. 

Let’s set our hearts on Jesus together this Advent season. Let’s keep Christ at the center of all that we do and everything we say. Let’s worship Him when life is busy and let’s study His Word when our days are full. We pray these tools equip you to be women of God’s Word who come daily to His Well of living water!

-Rachael and the WWW Team

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