For This Child I’ve Prayed – A Post From My Sister

June 1, 2015  - By Kara Holmes

 Kara's ultrasound

Kara’s ultrasound

for this child i’ve prayed. 

For years my family has gotten on our knees and prayed earnestly to the Lord that my sister would get pregnant. Kara and her husband, Trey, have gone through an unexpected journey of infertility. This past March, I received an even more unexpected text that she took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE. Let’s just say that I danced around the living room and praised God with overwhelming tears of joy for days. However, this pregnancy journey has been another unexpected one. They found out at a routine appointment that their daughter has the markers for Down Syndrome. Unexpected news to us, but news that doesn’t shock the Lord.

Though life is sometimes unexpected and different than we would have planned, we rest in God’s sovereignty and perfect plans. His love never fails, even when we receive news that we would have never thought would be delivered to our ears. He knows. He hears. He loves. He is good. This is the hope we cling to!

It is my sister’s prayer that this post points you to Jesus and Jesus alone. If you are struggling with infertility, with news of the unexpected, with any suffering or ailment in this world that has left you wondering if God is good, read this and remember that He is. Even when we don’t understand the road we take, He is still good and He loves. Oh how He loves!

May your heart be blessed and may Christ be glorified. 

Read Kara’s Post Here.

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  1. says:

    I too, was told my son had markers for downs but refused any tests because they would cause my water to break and at 20 weeks he wouldn’t make it. I prayed and prayed to God that my child wouldn’t have downs but also knew that whatever happened it was part of his perfect plan. I was seen by my regular OBGYN and a specialist twice a month to moniter sweet Parker. I ended up having an emergency c-section with the NICU team in my delivery and on September 10, 2015 my HEALTHY baby boy was born. Doctors were amazed, however I was not. I knew I would love my sweet baby regardless. Praying for you, for peace and comfort.

  2. says:

    My husband and I were told the same. We put it all in God’s hand from the very beginning saying "Your Will, not ours". We trusted Him. We Prayed. We had faith that no matter what the outcome… God would be in it. ((Doctors don’t know everything. And a lot of the time they are just covering themselves so that if there is a slight problem they can say "I warned you from the beginning." Our firstborn son was born this past February…. the love of our lives and perfectly healthy. Praise Jesus’ name! Please share this post with your sister please. I am convinced that what I went through I did because God wanted me to share my story with other women who might go through the very same thing. Blessings, <3 Jenna

  3. luzmaria palacios says:

    I dont know the challenges for your sister ahead but I would like to say I choose to see down syndrome not as a desease but a blessing, I started to see it this way when I learned that in other cultures they are called "angels on earth" because they are the ones that live amongst us but are closest to God.I will pray for her family so that God gives them strength in the years to come if she is born with Down Syndrom and to not see it as a defect or something that needs healing but as a blessing 🙂

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