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April 19, 2017  - By Gretchen Saffles

When I first started Life Lived Beautifully I began a small initiative called the “Pen and Ink Project.” The vision behind this project was to encourage women to pick up pen and paper and write letters of encouragement to their friends, just like the apostles wrote letters with “pen and ink” to believers in the New Testament. I still believe in the power and beauty of receiving hand-written notes and sending them “today.” It’s easy to put off living thinking we will do those things tomorrow, but we have only been given today.

Hebrews 3:13 says, “Therefore, let us encourage one another while it is called ‘Today’…” Did you get that? Today, not tomorrow. If we won’t follow Jesus now, then when? That is the vision behind the new “Today Collection” in the shop. We wanted to create practical products to put feet to your faith.

In this collection you will find beautiful stationary and postcards to revive your letter-writing skills, an updated Be Still and Know Scripture memory journal, a new Psalm 19:14 tee you will LOVE, a daily encouragement notepad to help you set down the to-do list and encourage someone else, and a mug that will remind you that Jesus is all you need. We’ve been praying over this line and pray that every product that comes to our shop would minister to your heart and point you to Jesus!

So let’s do this, sister. Let’s not put off living to tomorrow, let’s be faithful today. 

Write that letter of encouragement and put it in the mail. Start memorizing the Word and filling your mind with truth. Give a meaningful gift to a friend who needs hope. Fill your home with reminders of the gospel and dress in a way that points to Jesus. Abundance is for today, and it’s found in Christ alone. 

living fully today,

Gretchen + the LLB Team

(All photos by Allison Naylor!)

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  1. says:

    Yay yay yay, I’m so excited about all of this!!!! Ordering now!!🛍🎀

  2. So cute! 🙂

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