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October 14, 2015  - By Well-Watered Women

The day is finally here and my heart could burst with joy. Launching new products after having a baby has been quite the adventure. It has been harder than expected, but through it all the Lord has taught me an abundance about who He is and what we are called to do. As we have created, we have molded every product around the question, how can we make disciples? Every journal, product, and study we create is made to point you to Jesus and stir your affections for Him. The life we live on earth is too brief to be spent chasing things that won’t satisfy our hearts. We pray that through these study tools that your eyes will be fixed on the cross and your heart ever set on Jesus. It is with deep joy and a grateful heart that I can finally share with you the Fall 2015 collection!

The “Give Me Jesus” Journal

In March of 2014 I created the first “Give Me Jesus” Journal out of a longing to see women fall in love with Jesus and spend time daily in the Word of God. I had journaled for years prior to creating the journal and needed a sacred place and unique journal that would encourage me to open up my Bible and drink deep of God’s goodness. After months of prayer, the Lord led me to create the “Give Me Jesus” Journal. This fall we are coming out with the 4th version of this journal! 

  Fall Floral

Fall Floral “Give Me Jesus” Journal

  Fall Sunrise

Fall Sunrise “Give Me Jesus” Journal

There are two different cover options for the new fall journals. Both of these covers were originally hand-painted! The Lord inspired me with a warm fall sunrise and beautiful bouquet of flowers for these covers. The front has “give me Jesus” hand-lettered in gold foil and the binding is a gold wire-o, making it easy for you to write and journal on a flat surface! The back of these journals have the same artwork. 

Similar to the spring “Give Me Jesus” journals, there is a 40-day and a 90-day format. Here is a breakdown of the difference between these two journals. Both are the same amount of pages, however, they have different breakdowns for daily study!

40-Day Journal

The 40-Day Journal has 4 journaling pages per day broken down in this format:

  • Today I Am Grateful For
  • Be Still & Know – A space to write a verse you are meditating on or studying, a prayer, or a list of praises to set your heart on the Lord.
  • Drink Deep From The Well – 2 pages for you to dig deep into a passage of Scripture.
  • Selah – This is a reminder to stop and listen to the Lord as you study.
  • Ask & Apply – Under the Ask & Apply section there are two places for you to fill out “Today I Learned” and “Today I Will” to give you action steps to live a life of joyful obedience to the Lord!
  • Pray BIG – The last page is for prayer. You can write down a prayer or a list of requests of verses. Each day has a verse or quote about prayer to prompt you!

90-Day Journal

The 90-Day Journal has 2 journaling pages per day broken down in this format:

  • oday I Am Grateful For
  • Be Still & Know – a space to write a verse you are meditating on or studying, a prayer, or a list of praises to set your heart on the Lord
  • Drink Deep From The Well – 2 pages for you to dig deep into a passage of Scripture
  • “Today I Will” – a few lines for you to write down action steps to live a life of joyful obedience
    • This journal is great for a momma who has her hands full with kiddos and can’t fill in 4 pages worth of journaling! The journal has the description of how to have a quiet time with the same breakdown as the 40-day option in the beginning!

Both journals have a “Heart Check” in the beginning, middle, and end of the journal! These are guided questions that are designed to point you to the Lord and set your heart on Him while you evaluate where your heart is in your current season. The beginning content of this journal is different from the previous journals to give you a fresh start and encouragement! 

 Both journals have a place to

Both journals have a place to “Celebrate God’s Faithfulness” in the back where you can write down answered prayers and praises!

Planted Bible Study

The Planted Bible study is a 12-week Bible study on the discplines of the Christian faith. The study is based off of Psalm 1:3. The life of a believer goes through seasons. Some are for planting, some for watering, some for pruning, and some for growing. In every season, we can be rooted deeply in the Lord. This study was co-authored by Gretchen Saffles and Kara Holmes. We pray it encourages women in all seasons and stages of life and points us to Jesus through the discplines He modeled for us in His own life. 


  • Bible Study
  • Meditation
  • Confession
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Simplicity
  • Stillness
  • Obedience
  • Giving
  • Joy
  • Fellowship

The back of the study has additional pages for notes on each discipline as well as practical ways to implement the disciplines. This study is a great tool for discipling other believers as well as small groups of women!

“Give Them Jesus” Mug

The new “Give Them Jesus” mug was designed for us to remember the mission Jesus has given us to make disciples of all nations. Written across the world are verses including Matthew 28:19-20, James 1:27, Micah 6:8, and Psalm 67:4. 

Birds Don’t Worry, They Sing Mug

The phrase “Birds Don’t Worry, They Sing” has become my favorite quote. I heard a woman named Bobbie Wolgemuth say that when she was talking about going through cancer treatment. Jesus told us in Matthew 6 not to worry, but to trust Him and seek first the Kingdom of God. Each morning when you use your mug, I pray the Lord reminds you not to worry because He is in control, He loves you and all things work together for your good and for His glory (Romans 8:28).

Bobbie went to be with Jesus in October of 2014.

 The original artwork is on BOTH sides of the mug for both right and left-handed users!

The original artwork is on BOTH sides of the mug for both right and left-handed users!

“Give Me Jesus” Bookmark

We pray these products stir your affections for Jesus and point you to Him!

Shop the fall collection!


The LLB Team (Gretchen, Whitney, Amelia, Kyla, Tina, and Taylor)

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  1. tesa4au@yahoo.com says:

    Hey Gretchen, I am wanting to do the new bible study and I can’t figure out how to print it out. Can you help me with this? Thanks, and I love everything you have to share with us and I am so thankful for your ministry!!
    much love,
    Teresa Garner email- tesa4au@yahoo.com

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