Dream With Me

October 8, 2014  - By Gretchen Saffles

For months now I have been praying through the ultimate vision of Life Lived Beautifully. Over the past year of adventuring with the Lord in owning a small business, I have learned time and time again that this business is not about me. The shop, the blog, the Instagram, the journal, the art prints, the coffee mugs – they all have a vision behind them. That vision is that through using them women would know the Lord more fully and do even the smallest of things for His glory. The truth is, the Give Me Jesus journal is just a journal at the end of the day – it’s all about what we do with it. We can purchase items all day from various shops, but it is what we do with them. Does the art print truly give hope and a reminder that Christ is King? Does the journal stir your affections for Christ? Does the coffee mug remind you that your strength is found in the Lord and not in caffeine?
My desire for every product made and sold is that they would serve a greater purpose than simply being a material possession that sits on a desk or in a cabinet or on a wall. God has redeemed us through Christ’s blood shed on the cross. He has made us new and whole and given us new life even in the everyday duties we need to attend to being wives, moms, friends, and co-laborers for Christ. This is my proposition for you, my sister in Christ:

Would you join with me in praying what the next steps for Life Lived Beautifully are? Would you come along side of me in the adventure of following Jesus to the ends of the earth?

Life Lived Beautifully is more than journals and pictures. It is a way of life. I pray that LLB becomes a community of women on Instagram seeking to see Jesus in the everyday and keep our eyes focused on the cross. Every single follower is a person who I cherish and pray for. I don’t want to step before the Lord in creating or doing, but rather to pray with you and wait to see where He leads next.

The first step in this process would be for you to take this survey. I am praying the Lord gives more direction in what to create next for His glory that will equip women to follow Him whole-heartedly. Because I am so grateful that you will take the time to participate in the survey, you will receive a coupon code at the end for 15% off in the shop until the end of the year! (New products are coming soon for you to use it on – or you could grab a journal for a present!)

Let’s dream big together, because life is short but God is great and worthy of our affection and pursuits.



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