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For the woman who tends toward being an overachiever (like myself), Pinterest and Instagram can be our worst enemy in this season! There are countless ways we can celebrate Christmas and participate it in Advent activities and readings, but it is impossible to do everything. I know my own heart tends towards the “doer” mentality in my Christian walk, but over and over in Scripture I am reminded that it’s not about what I do that brings me satisfaction, it’s about what Christ has done. My actions should flow the directly from the cross. When I put my hope in a “perfect” Advent and Christmas, I am let down. When I place my hope in my perfect Savior, I am set free.

December 7, 2016  - By Well-Watered Women

You Don’t Have to do it “All” to Celebrate Christmas


Today marks the one-year anniversary of Life Lived Beautifully opening. Just writing the words “one -year” brings tears to my eyes and an abundance of joy to my heart! Three-hundred and sixty-five days have gone into this. Looking back, I can see the hand of God as I created, worked and trusted. But, to be honest, […]

May 20, 2014  - By Well-Watered Women

365 Days Later

Studying the Bible

I grew up in a church that regularly sang the song “Celebrate, Jesus Celebrate”! (for anyone of you that knows this song, it might be in your head all day:) But do I actually live a life that celebrate Jesus? It seems that we have belittled celebrating to only the big things. But what about the little […]

March 13, 2014  - By Well-Watered Women

the Little things


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