Pressing Pause to Press Into Jesus

July 29, 2020  - By Gretchen Saffles

Well-Watered Women Blog - Pressing Pause to Press Into Jesus

A Change of Plans

2020 has not been what anyone expected. When I wrote down my dreams for this year on January 1st, it did not involve a global pandemic or worldwide unrest. We are over halfway through the year. But chances are, you’re feeling tired, soul-weary, and a little offbeat.

As I’ve dug deep to consider why I’m feeling “off” in my walk with the Lord, I’ve realized something. It goes back to my lack of time and desire to read the Word. One of the hardest parts about navigating the constant challenges and unexpected trials of this year has been finding consistent time to spend in the Word.

Just a few years ago I created the “Word Before World” challenge to encourage my heart to put Jesus first every day. Thousands of women all over the world joined me in the challenge. We all saw the impact of putting God’s Word first made in our lives. And yet, in 2020, I have found the #Wordbeforeworld commitment increasingly hard to implement. 

A Change of Perspective

When the coronavirus began ravaging the world, I found myself waking up early to check the news headlines. This began a habit of putting the world before the Word. I reaped the negative effects quickly! It led to soul unrest, dissatisfaction, fear, and anxiety. God quickly revealed to me this new habit was not bringing any fruitfulness, freedom, or joy to my life.

This year I have seen more clearly how words of man do not save, but the Word of God brings salvation and understanding. I can personally testify that I desperately need God’s Word as the anchor to my days. It is the lens through which I see events unfolding, and the sun that brings light to this dark world. Though putting the Word before the world has become harder, I have also seen how it has become even more important. 

The Foundation of Scripture

We need God’s Word in order to...

God’s Word is our foundation that cannot be shaken. If you’ve found yourself falling away from spending time in the Word or even lacking the desire to open Scripture, you are not alone. But know this: the Word of God is for you. It is just as living and active today as it was when God breathed it. Scripture still corrects, convicts, encourages and strengthens. We need God’s Word above any other word to keep us steady, steadfast, and standing firm in the wake of these unexpected days.

This is why we have chosen to take a break from posting on our blog this next month. We want to bring our focus back to simply reading the Word of God. Additionally, we have revamped the free 30-Day Word Before World Challenge. We would love for you to join us this month in resolving to put Jesus first and read his unchanging words. Also, we will share encouragement daily on Instagram and will be going through this challenge with you. We know God’s Word is our very life, breath, and sustenance. 

The Word Before World Challenge

You can join us in the 30-day Word Before World Challenge by signing up here and following along on Instagram for reminders each day. We have also created easy to share graphics for you to post to ask your friends to join in as well!

Don't worry–we'll be back in September with new gospel-centered blog content and the release of our newest Give Me Jesus Journal! Until then, we press pause to press into Christ by putting the Word before the world.

Eyes on Jesus,

Gretchen Saffles (Founder of Well-Watered Women)

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  1. Wes preece says:

    Gods word and understanding his word is where we come to faith. Faith cometh by hearing. I totally agree with you on all you said. True gospel bible study is how we come to the truth.

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