Introducing Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide

February 8, 2023  - By Well-Watered Women

Introducing Victory in Jesus - A Lent Study Guide - an article from Well-Watered Women

Dear Sister,

The temptation of Jesus is a wellspring of wisdom, insight, and hope, but it also exposes what’s in our own hearts. As I wrote Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide, I waded into the depths of my own sin and saw my propensity to give in to temptation at every corner.

But in God’s grace, I also saw Jesus more clearly. I beheld the wonder of his lowliness and suffering. And I hope that as I beheld my Savior, the Spirit has made me more like him.

So I hope you spend the seven weeks of Lent endeavoring to see Jesus. Pondering his victory over sin and the enemy and even death itself. Considering his glory and majesty and humility. Your sin may loom large in some places, but dear friend, take heart! His grace is sufficient, and he stands ready and willing to forgive, renew, and restore. You will experience this grace and forgiveness when you come to God by faith in Jesus alone, not by your ability to withstand temptation.

I pray that through the study of God’s Word, you’ll grow in your fight against temptation to sin against the One who loves you most, who bore your sin and shame, and who, in his overcoming, made you an overcomer.

Grace and peace,


Theology and Content Editor and author of Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide

Introducing Victory in Jesus a Lent Study Guide 2
Introducing Victory in Jesus A Lent Study Guide - an article from Well-Watered Women 8

What is Lent?

The seven weeks leading up to Easter are known as Lent, the season set aside in the liturgical calendar for fasting and prayer. During this time, the people of God choose to go without something in their lives to make space to meditate on Christ’s humility in his life and death. Observing Lent provides an opportunity to actively engage in a wilderness season of wanting and need so that we may be filled with the fullness of God. We let go of lesser loves in order to join with the Spirit in cultivating our love for Christ. We engage in his sufferings to experience the joy of knowing him more. And as we know our Savior better, we experience a renewal of faith. 


Why use a Lent study guide?

This Lenten season, cultivate your love for Christ with our new digital resource, Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide. This forty-day guide digs into the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. It provides a weekly teaching and intentionally selected passages of Scripture to study daily using the format of study, application, and prayer. As you study God’s Word this Lenten season using Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide, you’ll cultivate a repentant heart full of faith in your perfect Savior.


What does Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide cover?

This study guide covers the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. As you study Jesus’ experience, you’ll consider the temptations of physical comfort, pride, self-preservation, and self-glorification and reflect on the realities of your own mortality, sin, and weaknesses. During Holy Week, you’ll follow Jesus down the road of lowliness to the cross, beholding his humble example, facing the weightiness of your sin, and rejoicing in his power to overcome sin and death.


What is the format of the study guide?

Victory in Jesus is a digital study guide formatted to be used with your Give Me Jesus Journal, and you’ll find instructions each day for completing the work in your journal. If you don’t have the Give Me Jesus Journal, you could complete the daily reading and study in a regular notebook. The weekly format is below.

  • MONDAY | Start the week reading passages of Scripture and a teaching related to temptation or victory, then respond to a series of heart check questions. 
  • TUESDAY–FRIDAY | Read the selected passages of Scripture and follow the daily format of study, application, and prayer. 
  • SATURDAY | Reflect on how you were tempted and how you sinned during the week and on the grace you experienced.
  • SUNDAY | Worship at your local church. Then use the suggested songs to direct your heart to worship throughout the day.


How long is the study guide and when does it begin?

Victory in Jesus is a forty-day study guide to use during the Lenten season. It begins on Ash Wednesday (February 22) and ends on Easter Sunday (April 9).


How is the study guide different from a traditional Bible study?

Rather than providing specific study questions and teaching on a particular topic or book of the Bible like a traditional Bible study, the study guide gives selected passages to read and provides observation, interpretation, and application questions to help you study the passage on your own each day. If you'd like to purchase a traditional Bible study for Lent, our 2022 Lent study, Confident: Enduring by Faith in Christ, is on sale. Please note this product includes 2022 dates.


Can I use this resource even if I’ve never observed Lent before?

Yes! Lent is for every woman who wants to go deeper in her relationship with God. We pray that Victory in Jesus: A Lent Study Guide will help you do that as you dig into God’s Word.


Is the study guide available as a printed resource?

No, this resource is only available digitally. It’s designed to use with a journal like the Give Me Jesus Journal so you can follow the daily format of study, application, and prayer. You can use the study guide digitally alongside your journal each day or print a copy of the digital file at your local copy shop if you prefer.


Are there any discounts or promotions available?

Today through February 14, we’re offering the study guide at just $5 when you bundle the Give Me Jesus Journal + Lent Study Guide together! Choose from the Abstract Give Me Jesus Journal, Sunrise Give Me Jesus Journal, or Simplified Give Me Jesus Journal.

Introducing Victory in Jesus A Lent Study Guide - an article from Well-Watered Women 6

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