1 Peter 2 {Week 2}

May 19, 2014  - By Gretchen Saffles

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Dear Friends,

To all of you who are following along and studying 1 Peter, I pray your eyes have been open to new wonders in the Word of God like mine have. There’s something beautiful about opening up Scripture and drinking from the Well of God’s Word. There’s nothing on this earth that is more satisfying than His life-giving truths.

As you continue to read and study through chapter two this week, I want to challenge you to truly believe the words you are reading. To believe God’s Word is to let it change your life and your thinking. We often read and don’t truly let our minds soak in the goodness of God’s miraculous love. It might be that our brains are just too small to comprehend His majesty, His grace and His mercy. But I believe that if we ask Him to show us His glory, He will. I am going to do this with you. May the power of God’s Word transform us and make us new!

1 Peter

1 Peter

If this is your first time studying verses in-depth, it may seem that we are going to take forever to get through this book (it will be 5 weeks to be exact). Think of it like you are going through a treasure chest. Each piece you pick up (or read), needs to be examined carefully, admired wholly and tucked away securely in your heart. If you go too fast, you may miss a treasure that will bring unfathomable joy and insurmountable hope to your life.

Lastly, I would LOVE to hear what you are learning. We all have the same Holy Spirit living inside of us and He reveals to us exactly what we need in the right time. What you are learning may be what a friend (or stranger) needs to read. Share your heart to the glory of God on social media using #LLB1Peter, #givemeJesusjournal and #lifelivedbeautifully.

May the  love of Jesus abound in you, sisters!


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