Walk In Grace

May 31, 2017  - By Rachael Milner

A Walk in Grace Journal by Well-Watered Women

Have you ever chosen a word for the year?

My word for 2017 was actually three words: Walk In Grace.

And I didn’t really chose it. God sort of dropped it in my lap and for weeks I kept coming back to that simple phrase: Walk In Grace.

Those three words aren’t from one Bible verse in particular. There’s "Walk In Love" and "Walk In Faith" … But Walk In Grace isn’t written in any of Paul’s letters. However, the concept is conveyed through the encouragement and direction he gives to the believers in the Church.

Because wherever you are, whatever you carry, wherever you're headed–grace is the common bond among the body of Christ. Your season of life or circumstance may be completely different from mine, and yet, as believers in Jesus Christ we have a common faith and receive a common grace.

We are all carrying some form of sin, shame or regret that disqualifies us from relationship with God the Father. We don’t deserve grace. But Christ has dwelt among us and offered a better way:

A way of freedom.
A way of life.
A way of grace.

Walk In Grace is not just a tagline–it's an invitation. To lay down the burdens that weigh you down and to receive grace you don't deserve ... then to stand and walk in obedience, repentance and celebration! Walking implies action! It is a response and a movement. When we sit stagnant, we miss opportunities to tell others about this grace we’ve received.

I want to walk in grace because I don’t want to miss out on sharing how amazing God is with my neighbor or friend. I want to walk in grace because it’s so incredible that I just can’t sit still. I want to walk in grace because Jesus has changed my life, and now I get to go and share Him with others.

the walk in grace collection

As I shared this concept with our team, we thought it captured the heart of the series of journals you can find in the Well-Watered Shop that walk you through Scripture one verse at a time. The hope of these journals is to equip you to study God's Word with purpose and clarity, which in turn will allow you to walk in grace.

We created a five-week guided journal through the book of Colossians as the first Walk In Grace Journal. The journal uses the Give Me Jesus Format, but has specific directives and questions for each day to help you digest and pray through Paul’s letter to the early church at Colossae.

We have since added two more Walk In Grace Journals to this collection. You can now study through the books of Ephesians and Philippians as well. We dream of continuing this series with many more books of Scripture in the future!

Bundle all three together to save 10% at checkout (no coupon required). We have created versions of the letters to Philippians, Ephesians and Colossians without headings, verses, or chapter markings. We encourage you to use these letters in your first week of study as you dig into the text and take notes.

You can also find some Walk In Grace themed Lock Screens here and a Walk In Grace playlist here!

We pray this collection helps you dig into the Word of God with purpose, passion and a pursuit that leaves you wanting more.

walking in grace,
Rachael and the WWW Team

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  1. Christy says:

    I just wanna get back to my fire for him..I am chemically challenged at this point in my life..I want the joy of him..Happiness is temporary..Joy of the Lord is eternal!

    • Rebecca says:

      God is great, I just had the words “walk in grace” in my heart just now and found this site. God bless us all, we need His grace.

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