Faithful he has been, faithful he will be.
My God never changes, but he is always changing me.
–Gretchen Saffles

We are a forgetful people. So when we face the daily struggles of life in a broken world, feel weak and needy, or experience half-hearted seasons of faith, it's easy to feel discouraged and alone. But when we fix our eyes on God's faithful character, we remember that God is with us, and in his faithfulness, he is holding us together. He is working, right where we are.

So fix your eyes on God's faithfulness. Look back at his faithfulness throughout Scripture, remember his faithfulness in your own life, and confess your need for his faithfulness today. When you fix your eyes on our faithful God, you'll develop intimacy with the One who always keeps his promises and experience the joy that comes from trusting in him.

Deepen your trust in God's faithful character with Fix Your Eyes: 5 Devotions on God's Faithfulness


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