5 Days

to refresh

your soul

It creeps in during seasons of suffering or celebration, seasons momentous or mundane, seasons of transition or waiting. 

Maybe you feel ashamed of your dryness. You cover it up at church Bible study as you hastily flip past the day of study you couldn’t bring yourself to finish. You don’t even mention it when a friend asks you how you're doing. You avoid it by mouthing worship songs from memory without ever really worshiping.

But what if we already know the answer to solve our feelings of spiritual dryness?

We know that the living water of God's Word will refresh us if we stick it out, if we keep immersed in it. We know deep within us that our souls will soon adapt to the change in temperature and that joy is found in swimming in the cleansing waters of our Savior's love.

We've all experienced seasons of spiritual dryness. 

Be refreshed by the Living Water as you read Scripture

Drink deeply from the wisdom of women who have been in your shoes before

Water your soul by answering application questions and practicing spiritual disciplines each day

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water your dry soul.


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