Jesus First: An Ebook on Spiritual Disciplines

One day, I wake up before dawn and start the day soaking in the Word while sipping my coffee. The next, I press snooze and get to the end of the day without cracking open my Bible.

One day, I hear alarming news and still praise God and trust him with what’s to come. The next, I find myself questioning him and worrying about tomorrow.

One day, Jesus is first in my heart and everything else falls into place. The next, I put him second and the dominos start to fall, and I can’t catch them because I don’t go to him for help. 

What is it that makes the difference between these contrasting days? The difference is what I put first—or shall I say, who I put first. 

Establish habits that put Jesus first in your life with our FREE resource, Jesus First: An Ebook on Spiritual Disciplines. 

In Jesus First: An Ebook on Spiritual Disciplines, you will:

  • Understand how Bible study, prayer, confession, worship, and Scripture memory grow your relationship with God. 
  • Practice these spiritual disciplines in each chapter's Discipline in Action section.
  • Create daily rhythms of reliance upon God. 

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