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The Everyday Joys Collection

March 18, 2020  - By Well-Watered Women

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The Need for Everyday Joys

When we named this collection "The Everyday Joys" Collection a few weeks ago, we had no idea what state the world would be in today. Amidst increasing health concerns with CoVID-19, cities and states practicing social distancing, toilet tissue running low, and everything else that comes with the threat of an international pandemic, there is a great need for joy.

Joy and happiness are often used interchangeably, but true and lasting joy is unique. It far outlasts temporary happiness. It is rooted in a hope that is bigger than fear. It is grounded in the truth that doesn't waver with the economy or falter with the population's concerns.

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22–23). The joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). And lasting joy is found in the Lord's presence (Psalm 21:6). What a precious gift we have in Christ: to know true and lasting joy, even when circumstances threaten to steal our happiness.

The Everyday Joys Collection

As we face unprecedented times in our generation, there is an opportunity for the body of Christ to share this joy with the world. This is not a time to stay quiet in our homes watching Netflix, oblivious to the needs around us. It's a time to pray for our neighbors, our families, our nation, and the world around us. This is a time to call on the Lord in spirit and truth, asking Him to draw near to the hopeless and hurting (Psalm 34:18).

It is our prayer that this simple collection will provide practical opportunities for you to share the joy you have found in Christ! We have three new items that will be perfect conversation starters and daily reminders for your heart outflowing to others.

The Abide Notepad

You're going to love using this new magnetic Abide notepad throughout the day. Hang it on the refrigerator, leave it on the counter, or keep it tucked in your purse for those last-minute things you need to jot down.

We've formatted the notepad to designate the top three priorities for your day. Note what things need to be done first, then fill out everything else below. Make a grocery list, to-do list, or just keep a running list of things you need to remember. You could also write down specific things and people to pray for in this uncertain time.

We've loved using the notepad during our time in the Word. When your brain is swirling with all the concerns and uncertainties of the day, have this notepad nearby to write down those thoughts or fears.

The Fruit of the Spirit Shirt

Friends, you have been so vocal on social media about your love for this shirt—and we don't blame you! We love this tee, and we know it will be a blessing to you as a reminder of the fruit of the Spirit in your daily life.

The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers all have meanings, a way to symbolize feelings and emotions we experience in our lives. Some even say flowers are a language all of their own. And how beautiful is the variety of God’s creation in each uniquely designed species.

So we looked at this “language of the flowers” to see which flower best represents each of the Fruit of the Spirit attributes. What a beautiful representation it has given us. On the newest t-shirt in our Everyday Joys Collection, it shows just that—the Fruit of the Spirit in the floral form! Here is a little breakdown of each flower and the meaning behind a few.

Love: Agapanthus
Love: Agapanthus
Joy: The Yellow Rose
Joy: The Yellow Rose
Peace: Lavender
Peace: Lavender
Patience: Aster
Patience: Aster
Kindness: Bluebell
Kindness: Bluebell
Goodness: Zinnias
Goodness: Zinnias
Faithfulness: Violets
Faithfulness: Violets
Gentleness: Daisies
Gentleness: Daisies
Self-control: Azalea
Self-control: Azalea

Love: Agapanthus | Love is represented by the Agapanthus flower. The name Agapanthus comes from the Greek “agape,” meaning love, and “anthos,” meaning flower, translating broadly as the flower of love.

Joy: Yellow Rose | Joy is represented by the Yellow Rose. The symbol of a yellow rose represents friendship, joy, and caring. These beautiful sun-colored roses can also convey warmth, delight, gladness and affection. The yellow rose is the perfect rose for a close friend or someone who needs a little cheering up, since these blooms are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Peace: Lavender | Peace is represented by Lavender. The aroma of lavender flowers is calming and stimulates relaxation.

Patience: Aster | Patience is represented by the Aster flower. The Aster flower symbolizes patience and can be given as a gift to be a reminder. This is derived from ancient meanings the Aster flower had in some cultures around the globe. This symbolic meaning is still used across the world.

Kindness: Bluebell | Kindness is represented by the Bluebell flower. Bluebells often represent humility, which we believe is essential to showing kindness to others.

Goodness: Zinnias | Goodness is represented by Zinnias. The Zinnia flower is often considered a symbol of pure goodness.

Faithfulness: Violets | Faithfulness is represented by Violets. Violets often self-seed, coming back each year faithfully.

Gentleness: Daisies | Gentleness is represented by the Daisy flower. Daisies commonly represent innocence and purity, which remind us of a gentle spirit.

Self-Control: Azaleas | Self-Control is represented by Azaleas. The meanings of the Azalea come primarily from Victorian society, Eastern cultures, and the United States. British gardeners considered the plant a reserved and self-managed addition, so the Victorian flower language association is temperance.

The Today Postcards

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called 'today’..." –Hebrews 3:13

We love the reminder from Hebrews to encourage one another daily. These postcards are a fun, practical way to encourage the ones you love. Take a moment to write a note to a friend during this season of unexpected social distancing.

Each set includes 20 postcards, two of each design. Each card measures 5x7 inches, giving you plenty of space to write an encouraging note. You could also frame the prints for happy reminders of truth around your home.

Be Encouraged, Sisters

We pray this collection is an encouragement to you in a weary season. Though the world around us is full of uncertainties, we can be rooted in joy and daily encouraged through the Word.

Let us know in the comments something you're excited about during this time!

Love - The WWW Team

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