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Sand snuggled up to my toes, salty water rushing over my feet, sky bursting with brilliant colors – there’s nothing more humbling and awe-inspiring than standing on the seashore, allowing the waves to inch up and remind me that I’m part of a bigger Story. There is something about being outside the everyday norm that reminds me that I am not the main character of this life. In no way have I added to the ocean, painted the sunset, or carved out the grains of sand. I am a spectator, an embracer of the beauty and the vastness of the world around me.

And yet, I often think I’m the creator and the originator of these great ideas. I think I hold the world, well, my world and the world of those around me, together. Quick glimpses of the larger view of creation are good for the soul, and they put me in my place, but they are rare to come by.

November 18, 2015  - By Well-Watered Women

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Well - Watered

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