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Breathe Launch!

February 8, 2017  - By Well-Watered Women


Breathe in. Breathe out. This simple act is something we do thousands of times a day without so much as a second thought. Yet, it sustains our life and gives us the ability to truly live. With each breath we take, we are able to hug our kids, kiss our husband, laugh with our friends, sing, dance, play, work, cook, and anything else we do on earth.

Martin Luther once wrote, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Prayer is the breath of the believer. Prayer allows us to live each day in faith and trust as it connects us to our Heavenly Father. Prayer is how we speak with our Lord and it teaches us to listen in this heavenly conversation.

Breathe: 40 Days of Prayer in the Psalms is a 40-day guide on how to pray Scripture. Often we find ourselves without the words to say to God. We wish it were as simple as breathing, but we come to the throne of God without the words to express how our hearts are feeling or what worries are going through our minds. Thankfully, our Father already knows those things. Yet, to pray anyways is to remind ourselves that we are weak and limited and we need to come to God for everything.

When we don’t know how to pray, Scripture is a wonderful guide. The Words of God are living and active, they speak into our lives and shine truth on our souls. The Psalms are often some of the most direct, honest and sincere prayers recorded in the Bible. We can pray these words back to God because they capture every human emotion and they help us know how to put into words the worries, concerns, joys, hopes and dreams we experience in this life.


The 40-Day length is no coincidence. We will be walking through this study together as a Life Lived Beautifully Community in the 40 days leading up to Lent, beginning Wednesday March 1 and ending April 13. We have a few desktop calendars here and here if you’re following along, or you can print this one!

The study can be done at any time – but we are excited and anticipating this season of reverence and worship to be a special time of focusing on praise and prayer to God. Lent is the season before Easter, when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ after His sacrificial death. As we take time to pause, we will look to a Psalm each day and breathe in the great mercies of God. Our prayer in this study is that you would have a tool that equips you to breathe out His praise in a way that glorifies God in every season.

The Breathe Study looks at one Psalm each day and explains a bit about the context in which that particular Psalm was written. There is space to journal and questions to guide you as come to God in prayer. At the beginning of the study you will find some guidance and examples from Psalm 1 and Matthew 6, The Lord’s Prayer, if this discipline is new to you. We pray that this study would encourage us to be well-watered women who come to God for our very breath and life as we move throughout each day.


You can also find Breathe Verse Cards a set of ten cards that each have a different Psalm on them. These cards can be tucked in corners of your home or anywhere you’ll see them throughout the day, framed as a collage on your wall, or taped on your mirror. They are intended to remind you of truth and give you verses to pray throughout your day as you hide God’s Word in your heart.

The Amen necklace is a new addition to the shop, beautifully handmade by Dustmade Jewelry.  This sterling silver circle reads AMEN. in all caps – like a declaration to God to “let it be” as we live out our days in trust and surrender. As you place this necklace around your neck and close to your heart, we pray it reminds you to walk in faith and prayer throughout your days.

The Amen & Amen mug is another tangible example to trust in the Lord! We read these words “Amen & Amen” at the close of multiple Psalms and they serve as the perfect exclamation to the prayers penned – that we are opening our hands and living in faith for God’s will to be done. The beautiful lettering on this mug is from our friend Sarah of Lovely Lettering Co. who also illustrated the lettering throughout the Breathe study and on three of the art prints.

You can find our line of Breathe Art Prints here. Each one is specifically designed to help you remember Scripture, preach truth to your heart, and worship God as you see the reminder on your wall or on your nightstand, or in your kitchen – wherever you need the reminder most to pause and praise.


We also have a free playlist for you to enjoy as you worship God through these Psalms.

If you are leading a small group for this study, we made a free leader guide for you! Find it here!

If you’re following along with us in the study, we’d love to see your journey and hear what God is teaching you. Tag us at @lifelivedbeautifully and @llbshop and include #LLBBreathe with your photos!

Below you can find lock screens for your phone, wallpaper for your computer, and some shareable images to invite other women to join you as we study.

breathing in his mercies, breathing out his praise

The LLB Team

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